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  1. Opinions Agreed.While not completely agreed with, I can see it for sure, although I'm currently burn out on trying to get gear to progress.Lets go Tar and Feather the guy who allowed this.Suggestions Agreed.Agreed.Premium ones are, but I think even basic bags should be able to have their color changeable, even if you can't rename them.Agreed.While I wouldn't use it myself, I would like a re-sizable one. Would also like to see different UI parts with separate scale sliders (look at Guild Wars for an example, they done did AWESOME on their UI customization options).Sounds like a bug to me, think the only things I couldn't close with esc were conversation windows, or quest popups (but I'm not 100% on those).7: Agree to a point. I'm fine with weapons and armor, but I"m pulling my hair out over relics. Either it has class passives but the wrong stats, or it has the right stats, but wrong class passives. Weapons always have class specific passives, but relics are like playing Russian Roulette, except that only 3 of the 12 chambers aren't loaded with real bullets, and 2 of those are loaded with rubber bullets. If Relics dropped w/o passives, and you could "add them" (similar to reroll items for pets, but bought with gold instead of dropped), this issue would be resolved.Full scaling wouldn't be good, but I can see a % bonus to the attribute being added as well (each of the non-unique ones adds +5.0%, with the rank 7 having the same flat bonus as rank 6, but +7.5%. Speed would be changed to a flat Haste % (Tower/Trap/Aura Attack/Recharge/Trigger rate; Hero Attack/Movement/AbilityCooldown).Agreed.Toggle Option to skip any cinematic you have already seen once.
  2. Level 30 got me no daily quests. I'm still stuck at "kill 2000 enemies with aura's" which refuses to progress. I got 2 others, both were "hatch x eggs of y type", completed both, but in the last week I havn't gotten any replacements.
  3. Which is sad as this is one of the best EA titles I've participated in. Frustrating, yes. "I'll never touch EA again because of this game!", no. Trendy is constantly in contact with us about whats coming up, and what they are working on. We are seeing constant progress, updates, and our voice being heard and acted upon, which is better than most of the EA games I have participated in or heard about. Credit to Trendy where Credit is due. The issue is not in the EA status, but in a solution to a problem (not an iteration of a solution, but a full blown, lots of time devoted to this "solution" solution).
  4. Your right, my complaining is based on early game gameplay. Its, slow, frustrating, painful and boring. Telling me to "Get to endgame and then talk about it." isn't valid when I can't bring myself to want to play. If I have to FORCE myself to play, then its not a game anymore. I have plenty of other games that I can enjoy a LOT more then the state of this game currently, which is why I am not playing much, AND also why I am in this thread talking about WHY this attributes removal is the primary reason why I'm not having fun. ----- While I am not a casual, this current state of early game is NOT friendly to new players, unless they have experienced friends to work with, or if they get carried (intentionally or not). And for those of us who get these newer players in our groups, who don't know how to try to build for this games new state, or experienced players who REFUSE to try to change to new builds and insist on trying over and over and over to make LA+Geysers or Geysers+Skyguards and screw the rest of their team over are only making the early game leveling/grinding even less fun. The lack of detailed information on tower, their scaling and their actual mechanics/effects is only making this more apparent because I CAN'T SEE HOW IT WORKS! For the love of the game, PLEASE get around to adding the detailed tower/attack information soon. PLEASE put a few people to work on getting the system to pull the scaling information and translate it into a stat block, and get it put in. ----- Do I want DS to be back in its full glory? HELL NO! When 1 stat is MANDATORY for EVERY class, it needs to be rethought or added as a base attribute and removed from gear. While it was removed from gear, it was NOT added in any other fashion. The major issue is that THE MAIN core tower stat was removed. Not replaced, not rolled into base character progression (which would control how much you could get), but removed, and everything else was not rebalanced to account for this at all. EVERYTHING is still based around DS being a core stat, even though you can't get it. THAT is what the issue is. It's not there, the gaping wound is still there, and the "bandaid" was "We left the sphere's in!" ----- Want to make it into a non-guaranteed stat? Give it a drawback. Like reduced power scaling, with the damage penalty getting larger the more speed you get. Not linear either, so if you stack it too much, you hurt your builds. ----- My current strategy is to stack DefHP as my main stat, DP as my 2nd stat, wall the lane and pile Fireburst towers behind it, and get a Squire to add some Cannon towers to the MRes lanes for me. I haven't found any other way to get anything to work. The claim that I keep hearing of "This new gamestate encourages new build types and experimenting!" doesn't seem true to me. Its punishing more then anything, and the builds that do work are boring, and don't even work well (read as "Requires extensive babysitting or they explode and you lose"). ----- When I got to the point where I could AFK wave 4 Betsy Hard, the game lost the last bit of challenge for me. But it wasn't the TRASH MOBS that were challenging, it was the subosses/bosses that gave the challenge. Now its the trash that is challenging and the bosses aren't so much (but that is due to the heavier emphasis on hero damage rather then a problem with the boss), which isn't fun. Horde mobs were designed to overwhelm your defenses due to sheer numbers. Now every mob type acts like a horde type, which makes Orcs/Warboars/Javelines/Drakon a problem for any build, as they always have a massive buffer of other mobs soaking your towers limited attention span, and breaking the lane because your towers can't clear trash mobs, let alone packs of heavy mobs. ----- TL;DR - I don't wan't DS returned in its full strength, but you can't gut the game WITHOUT repairing the gaping wound left by removing that much of a core part of it. Lack of targeting priority was already an issue, which has only by expounded exponentially by removing the 1 stat that was used as a "workaround". Will "fixing" the targeting/priority issue fix the current issue many people have? Not completely, but at least the game won't be as painful to play, and a lot of us "non-super-hardcore" players will actually be able to progress towards endgame and see this "not an issue at endgame" that I keep hearing about. ----- It's nice to hear that 50+++ works ok. Now what about 18-50? How do I do that without having to spend 45-60 minutes to clear 5 waves on the early Normal Freeplay only to fail on the wave PRIOR to the boss because we can't clear the trash packs before they overwhelm us. I wan't to play this game, I just don't enjoy the gameplay that I currently have available to me.
  5. Alternatively, change the speed sphere's from a stat to a haste effect (% faster attack/recharge rate). Could even easily add in a Hero one with that system as well. That's what they did for Crit Chance spheres. Level 50 version could be like a 6% haste, with the unique one being ~8%. Full Speed Spheres would be 20%, but you would be losing out on a LOT of power/crit to get it.
  6. Every game I have played boils down to 1 Strat. Blockade and put AoE towers behind it and then BABYSIT IT BECAUSE THEY CAN'T KILL ANYTHING. My Eartshatters decide that rather then targeting the Drakon's, Javelines or Mages that are sitting back wrecking EVERYTHING, they are gonna nuke that 1 Goblin that is right in front of the barricade getting pounded by my Flameburst towers. And due to the constant spawning of enemies (which is cool btw, total fan of that change), they continue to do this until that pack of javelines breaks the blockade and suddenly all my towers are getting wrecked. Unless, I sit on it and babysit it. Because even a pure AoE tower clump against a horde lane still can't clear it well. If I run 2x Earthshatter + 2x Flameburst, upgrade them fast, and have a decent boost sitting on them, I can hold a single lane on Betsy (campaign normal) while trying to farm gear so I can go into freeplay (but that's a different complaint). Why do I need 4 AoE towers buffered by a wall of barricades just to take out a pack of goblins????? When my iPwr is 2x the base for the level....... If I wanted to play a defense game where I had to do most of the work myself and just utilize my defenses for CC/Debuffs, I would be playing Sanctum (I have both, but haven't played them much because I would rather play Orcs must Die because wrecking things with super fun intricate trap setups is Awesome^3). If I can't rely on my towers to do anything without MASSIVELY over-gearing the level, whats the point of playing a tower+hero defense game? Because then I'm just playing a Hero Defense game. Which would be like playing a MOBA that has only massive creep waves and no enemy base. So, 1/2 of a MOBA. WHICH IS NOT WHAT I PAYED TO SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Trendy, if this is your intention, please just let me know so that I can uninstall, and go cry in a corner at having been suckered into another EA title that doesn't end up being what it was supposed to be. Summary: While I love the direction this update went, I am currently having issues actually wanting to log in and play. Having to grind campaign Betsy over and over and over and over again because gear I can use refuses to drop, combined with how frustratingly slow each run is, has made me NOT want to play. I find myself looking at the gears iPwr to see if I can use it to cheese the requirements to get into the first freeplay map just to do something different. ----- 8s Geysers. Might as well just remove the drench and knockup and just give me a bigger radius so I can use it as an land mine. Because that's all I can rely on it for, as it's useless as a CC tool with that long of a cooldown. Good thing you buffed its damage by like 400% or it would NEVER get used. 1.25s Lightning Auras..... Ya, it ticks maybe twice on a mob as it walks through it. It's like i'm playing with a super low damage LSA. I don't even bother to build these, I just put down a Serenity and club things because 1 pole smash is worth like 15s of LA damage. And it CC's the mobs it hits if it doesn't kill them. AND THAT IS ON MY TOWER BASED MONK!!!! When I'm geared for full tower damage, WHY DO I OUTPERFORM MY LA FIELD WITH MY AUTO-ATTACK ALONE?????? 2.5s Flameburst. Anti-Horde tower that shoots so slowly that it can't kill a horde. If it had a high crit chance, It would work as is, as you could just set everything on fire and let it burn down. But it doesn't. Build in mass, and hide it behind several Barricades and it'll kill a pack of goblins before they can kill the barricade. Most of the time. 5s Eartshatter. Small AoE, poor damage, narrow cone, cant force it to target mobs that are further away as a priority. In mass this thing does a fairly good job at clearing a narrow lane of horde mobs, but is useless against anything with a decent amount of HP that attacks from range. 2s Skyguard. Ya, build 1 just to slow things, and shoot the air units yourself, you'll kill them faster. Frostbite tower. Good thing it can constantly fire a stream to keep everything around its target slowed. Oh, wait, it has a refire time after it finishes its channel? Killing its current target forces it into this recast timer? Losing LoS on its current target forces it into this recast timer. L. O. L. Building 2 of them staggered to cover a lane works, but then you're giving up damage, and as they don't stack, its like putting 2 boost aura's NewMeta: DP+Def Crit Damage Huntress laying Geyser Fields, Def HP+DP App with Frostbite and Barricades to hold mobs in the Mine Field, and everyone else goes hero DPS or Tank and dances in the mine field.
  7. Community Managers aren't allowed to "guess", even if its an informed one, because then people get all bent out of shape when it doesn't happen perfectly. They can only relay the information given them by the development people. The fact that there hasn't been a change means that they coding/testing people are working their arse's off trying to get it stable enough to let us test for the evening. No news is not always good news, but it's better then bad news at this point. TL;DR - CM's can't make guesses, as they get held to them as though they were relayed info.
  8. I recognized that I was playing an alpha when I picked the game up. The only thing I'm shocked at is that there hasn't been frequent wipes. I was expecting to have full wipes every major patch, and sometimes with minor ones as well. I find it mildly humorous that people are getting bent out of shape about a character wipe when they are participating in an early-alpha game. We should have had a wipe for the Betsy patch, as well as when they changed campaign mode. When the vote comes out, I will be voting for a full wipe. The fact that I'm getting a costume+pet for being here for it is something I didn't expect. I expected to simply get my characters wiped so that I could give proper feedback on the new leveling/campaign system. I'll take the costumes and pet willingly, and thank Trendy for going out of their way to thank me for being here.
  9. I don't mind playing and someone else wanting to build. Until the legacy item wipe happens, a LOT of the people who "demand" to build have stats that I CAN'T come close to having. I just dump my mana on them, place my geysers if they let me, and spam concussive shot whenever there is a pack coming down the lane. And then switch to my face tanking Squire for wave 4 of hard Betsy and contribute for the fraction of a second that it takes for the OP as hell LSA to chunk the Ogre down to a pile of ash. Sometimes I get into a group with 3 people who don't build, so were stuck with my crap LA and Skyguard, but we still get it done. I know good builds, and even with sub-par gear, I can get it done. Sometimes I get REALLY lucky and have 1 other person who has really good LA's, or really good Ballista/Cannons, so I alter my build to use them for damage, and I just focus on building the mob CC. These are the most fun games to me. While I CAN do it solo, I prefer to focus on my strong point, which is being able to reliably CC with myself (Geyser/LA and Squire face tank). When Apprentice sphere's get updated, I'll probably swap out my Squire for my CC Apprentice for groups where we don't need my Squire.
  10. I actually haven't seen any in the last week or so, and I've played plenty of Liferoot. The first few days after the Betsy patch are when I saw most of them, and then I haven't seen any since.
  11. Yes, I had like 5 of em drop for my App in 1 liferoot game. None ever had any stats.
  12. What a lot of the F2P games I've played, and enjoyed, have done is a daily login reward, and/or a "special" daily quest thingy you can do that earns "fluff points" that can be used to buy from a restricted list from their money store. 3-5 days worth of login's/fluffquests gets you enough to get a key, OR save em up (put a hard cap on how many you can get) to unlock a specific piece of gear from the default costume's accessory list. Separate fluff items from in-game core-mechanics or you walk a fine line between making it pay-to-win or losing your playerbase because its too grindy to get the core parts of the game available.
  13. I agree. As a monk, you don't notice it, because you mostly spec'd for LA anyway (unless you were just supporting a build, and then you went for the physical stuff). But apprentice and huntress got gimped hard. Frost xor Earth xor Fire, Geyser xor Explosive is painfully limiting after being able to do both for so long. I didn't enjoy Monk because it was "Put down LA+Boost" and then hit stuff with a stick inside of the glowing circle. Apprentice I could Freeze tower into an Earthshatter field supported with Fireball towers that did something more then waste defense mana. Now its just put down a couple Freeze towers, and swap over to the piss poor dps Huntress to contribute. I had 2 Huntress'. 1 was DPS with decent Long Range, a couple points into Hit and Run for a bit of extra movement speed, and a lot of points into charged primary. Now its a really crappy Charged Primary (15% vs the 33-38% that I had it at before), with no extra fluff to make it good, or fun. I just stand in a lane, spam Concussive Shot, and shoot at the closest mob. My Trapper feels useless. I need the geyser boost, but without the double proc explosive, they aren't worth the defense mana, so I am stuck putting down a couple Geysers and then relying on my other characters in my deck to deal damage. I didn't play Squire much, but when I did, I only tanked Ogres with Shield Block, which I had a stronger shield block at level 14 then I get from the stupid sphere's. TL;DR - Good idea, bad implementation. Give us some spec nodes (stats) so that leveling doesn't feel mostly useless and excessively grindy (leveling right now is REALLY boring, worse then it was before campaign mode), make the smalls affect a core mechanic of a build type, mediums have effects of the old spec nodes, scaling with character level rather then a flat amount (ie, if you put both of the same type in, you are investing it ALL into a single aspect, but the effects diminish similar to how they did before), with the larges massively enhancing an aspect of the build style, with an uber altering how a skill functions (current idea works fine, don't see a need to change that). ----- Ex) Trapper Huntress. -Small Traps spheres: Flat bonus to the Heath of traps (less attactive to high level characters, but solid for lower level ones, should not scale well with sphere level, or changes to a % increase in trap charges at higher level spheres); % chance to not consume a charge when detonated; % chance to rearm instantly (with an internal cool-down that shortens with sphere tier, rather then scaling the % chance to proc). -Medium Traps spheres: Geyser damage bonus; Explosive double proc (or change it to crit chance for interaction with the rearm sphere); increased Blaze Balloon damage field radius/duration. -Large Traps spheres: Frost Geyser - Geyser looses its knock up, has its aoe increased, deals moderate cold damage, chilling all targets hit, deals minimal damage unless the target is already chilled, then it has a chance to freeze. Concussive Explosion - Explosive trap has increased AoE, looses some base damage, has a longer recharge time, but gains a stun chance, chance scaling with defense power, with a Critical increasing the effective power by the trappers crit damage% (boost will increase damage, but not stun chance). Air Burst Fire Balloon - Blaze Balloon looses its damage field, does heavy instant fire damage to a large area, leaving a heat field in the area for a few seconds after bursting that causes mobs in it to take increased damage (but only in the field, with the % increase only affected by sphere level). Tar Geyser - Geyser keeps its initial knock up but at massively reduced damage, but has a secondary effect of coating all mobs in a moderate aoe around the trap (3-4x the radius of the knock up) in tar, slowing them drastically (and setting them up for burning combo).
  14. Solo in campaign, randomly get kicked from game.
  15. Just got my 4th character to 25, with some very nice boost aura gear to support my Trapper and Mage, and then I get this problem. Restarting the client w/o making a character did not fix the issue. I logged in, went to join a game, got promptly put into the map loading screen, when it loaded, it booted me and told me I didn't have any characters. --Edit: Verified my files, 8 failed to verify. Logged in, still no characters. Created one (I would rather play a new character then sit around and wait for someone to try to find out wtf happened), logged in, and my Daily Quest was available (I had finished this about 2 hours before).
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