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  1. As it currently stands of the 4 Dryad offensive towers only one is able to attack the target dummys in the town and tavern, the Harpy. This makes it extremely difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the Dryads 3 other towers. Can we expect a patch to allow the towers that currently cant attack target dummies to do so any time soon?
  2. Each slot corresponds to a tower, she has 5 towers, so she gets 5 slots. Other heroes only have 4 towers, so they get 4 slots
  3. Any relic. Medallions like the one in my image, Spheres, Marks, Totems, Etc. Medallion is preferable as they have defence power as the main stat.
  4. Saw a pretty successful run using snaking sands with mystic wall and flamethrowers on chaos 3. Cant say much about her dps, i cant see it being on par with abyss or ev though
  5. Grabbed some screenshots that i felt might be relevant. Here is my Nimbus at level 1: Here is my Nimbus at level 5: Here is the Relic and shards i use for it Here is a screenshot showing the base range: As i said, i can comfortably do Chaos 3 with no items or shards from it, just what i got from the patch item overhaul. I think the range isn't as bad as people make it out to be, as you can see from the bottom image it reaches from one banister to the other on ramparts and considering that it ignores LoS, etc, i think its pretty good. If you put some points into its range then great but
  6. I have been smashing Chaos 3 as Dryad using tree and nimbi. I haven't had any issues with tree range. Literally all a lane needs is a tree and 2 Nimbi, i don't see how people can be running out of build space, you don't have the du for much more. The only issue i have found with my Dryad is that if mobs build up to a substantial number around the tree which is nothing unusual mobs are pushed either through the tree or to a point where they can get around the tree. While this is obviously more of an issue on lanes where the tree cant cover the whole width of the lane, i have still seen it happe
  7. Seems to have fixed it for now, will reply again if it reappears, thanks for the help.
  8. I am finding enemy have a tendency to walk right through my trees. This is not an issue for my orc skeleton wall, just my tree, which is causing me massive issues for dryad based builds. As geo said, i can smash chaos 2 as dryad and just need to find an alternative to harpy for chaos 3, but losing 1 in 2-3 chaos 2 games simply because the occasional mob can get around my tree is really annoying. I haven't found the range of my trees to be an issue as i usually only have 3, maybe 4 towers in them regardless, so the build area is a non issue for me. Considering they are the dryad wall i usually
  9. Hi, Been getting this error drop me from every other match. Starts like a disconnect with enemies walking through walls, etc, dropping me to the main menu with "Lost connection to host", when i click go to town after a few seconds of trying to connect it get the error ?INT?ENGINE.ERRORS.PLAYVERSEERROR USERDBGETLOCKFAILED TITLE?. Its not internet related as i still have my connection all the way through, just the game is affected. Screenshot attached. Thanks
  10. What weapons do you think are worth buying and which aren't? If there's multiple versions which do you prefer? Do you think any of them are useless?
  11. What makes you think I'm taking shortcuts? As i said i'm persevering with repeated solo play on NM2 and the occasional NM3, but doing the 2 new incursion maps solo seems to be very difficult, i have yet to manage either. I may just not be doing a good enough build, but to me it feels like an inability to be in more then one place, like i need another person picking up gems, or building towers on opposite sides of the map at the same time. I don't seem to be getting any items in either difficulty that are any better then what i have so i dont think the issue lies there and farming enough items
  12. I would go to nm4, but my gear isnt good enough, and its difficult/dull to get the gear on my own :/
  13. Hi, Have been playing for a little while now, long enough to get 4 heroes to max level and nm2-3 geared, for much of this time i have never seen another player outside of the town / tavern. Whenever i go to endgame or incursion or whatever and pick any map i can virtually guarantee i will be placed into a solo lobby. I have attempted to do the 2 new incursions but just cant seem to manage them solo. I could probably get further into nm3 with the help of another player or two. Does everyone just play solo private matches? why does nobody play public? This is a multiplayer game, not a solo one.
  14. I would never open lock boxes with gems, I would never open lock boxes period, (I'm more of a bought set guy) but I agree that this should be fixed. It should not be able to roll an item you already have.
  15. That's a shame, but nvm. Was hoping it might be an alternative to traps and auras for higher NM maps as I don't like the idea of trap / aura builds since the earliest days of DD1, I prefer my defences to be a bit more solid, but if the game can't currently be played any other way then I guess I will need to wait it out for balancing or bite the bullet and make my huntress a builder instead of DPS.
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