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  1. The first one says it gives +10% and number 2 says it gives +0.2% who speaks the truth? I'm sorry if this costs you your job Mr. Developer :(
  2. Please.. Even if they didn't have any stats I'd be hyped. Could you resist a cute furry little friend on your side?No, you'd love him, keep him and protect him from harms way. Would you really deny shelter to a poor innocent little thing that is really cute? No, you'd build a house for him to sleep in and cuddle with him every now and then. :'( *makes notes on this ***ty bold/italic system*
  3. Prays that it was a texture from a future weapon. Prays that you can slam doors on people in the nearest future
  4. It does count the launcher too tho.
  5. Great question. Don't have the answer to this. I like it since it's different from everyone else. So.. Trendy employers please don't remove it? <3
  6. Establish dominance by buying Cherry Mx blue switches. (Don't know the razer mechanical switch line too well so you can correct me if I'm wrong) I use G710+ and a G502, Logitech fan through and through. I also have G710 for the headset.
  7. I had the exact same errorHere's what I did to fix it. It may have been patched or something but anyways, you can try this. Right click the clock on the taskbar and press "Adjust date/time" In there click "Internet Time" From there I clicked "Change settings" and simply did "Update now" If this does not work I'm out of ideas haha, good luck :)
  8. It's probably enough. My clock was off days not hours :p
  9. Orrabaunir is not my steam login, no. What should I do to fix this? EDIT: I changed the gamertag to my login, nothing changed. EDIT2: My clock was off. It is fixed now. Thanks mate :)
  10. http://i.imgur.com/UYgekBL.png This is the error I get. I just finished installing windows 8.1. Maybe that's it. But that's the only thing that has changed since earlier.
  11. I feel like the timer needs to come back. In my opinion it's a huge part of the game. What I think this game needs are challenges and more options to make each map more playable and have more replay value. Like in DD1. However I feel like challenges like that + timer will come with time. Since it's a huge part of the previous games.
  12. I know that not all the features will be on the road map. I just hadn't seen any conversation about it. I do like the idea of being able to upgrade the little bags though :)
  13. I hope I wont get in trouble for replying to you here. They said somewhere that the skip thing on the upgrade thing was broken and should be fixed in future patches. There are also plans for kicking systems, if it's some sort of a vote kick or just simple "lobby leader can kick" is hard to predict. I bet they will get the server lists before they release :3 My questions; 1. This campaign mode is killing me, when you arrive at 20-25 you almost never see any other maps than the Ramparts or the Throne Room. Are we going to see something like we did in DD1 where every map was played with various difficulties? 2. When will the leveling curve be fixed?
  14. The title says it all. I've actually looked for this but I haven't found anything about this so I'll just ask here :) Are there any character resets incoming? Will our characters reset before the release?
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