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  1. Who/what is the giant sword-like thing to the right of his shop designed for...
  2. I agree.. another weekend of the boot bug plaguing public games.. will be doing only private for another weekend
  3. I completely agree, after playing a round of pub, to find out people were intentionally exploiting the boots I played private all weekend. To me, I don't see it as the dev's fault (sure more testing could've found/fixed this), I see it as the communities fault for continually exploiting this.
  4. "Mix and Match" Choose the boss/map tile (i.e Malthias/Betsy) and then choose 1+ types of enemies (currently there are only chrome enemies, but if there were more types you could have chrome, or chrome + ___ enemies, etc.) all during a boss incursion map to add even more challenge.
  5. 1 - Do you plan on nerfing/changing the squire block spec? As it stands, it feels far too strong (Ogres in hard mode incursion hitting for <10 damage) 2 - For the influence vote Mercenary choice, being able to "choose" your rewards at the start. Does that imply you can choose specific stats an item will roll, choose 1 or 2 specific stats (primary or secondary) with the rest being random, or just choose base type i.e sword, shield, armor(broken into categories?), pet, etc.?
  6. I don't have the ability to record videos, but I was able to get a friend into the game with me to specifically watch for it. He was able to confirm that the cannons were locking onto a target (ogres in Ramparts Incursion), and staying with the target until the target died. He was not able to deduce if the Bastille were or were not following the lock-on behavior. I'd be happy to "cause" it to happen again to show someone, but don't have recording capabilities.
  7. I've done a few runs through the Ramparts Incursion on normal using my squire. I've been noticing that during the ogre waves, my towers have been focusing on the ogre first, even when I pull him away from the towers, instead of the closest targets as they previously did. Is this an intentional change?
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