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  1. Yeah good idea that exists in some dungeon crawler rpg with rebirth system. You tag a limited number of item that get carried over to your next playtrough (could be something like 1 for first rebirth and add one every rebirth). And the item could benefit like you said from a plus in stats or upgrade level or just a cosmetic glow that dont give stats. But it would still give more incentive to use your rebirth :/
  2. release a patch where you remove this crap ancient power and give us endless mode where monster get stronger each wave and where you can get better loot than c7 population was already low compared to DD1 DDE, but with this update you have nearly killed your licence ...
  3. Well it isn't even close to a tech alpha if you have ever played one.. It is rather a closed beta when you look at the stability of the client and how much content is avalaible compared to previous phase. And for another wipe I don't see the point if there aren't major changes to the game. And I would rather that you delete/downscale (like you did in DDE) gear rather than another full wipe and do again betsy runs to xp all my characters :/
  4. windows 10 and no problem so far. my dxdiag http://pastebin.com/R1dGmjSy
  5. Main problem I get when playing solo is the repair between lanes when you defenses are not grouped (I miss pet that can heal your defenses or a portal gun :>) Other problem I have is that your are forced to build anti air monk because with removal of speed on gear most of squire and app towers are not fast enough to deal with some waves when you get ground and air and the same time.
  6. or daily that never reset for some people when other get like 10-20 quest per day ...
  7. After some reroll on this pet I got 2 def health bonus but only one is adding to stat of my character
  8. lot of people are getting this error since hotfix (steam forums)
  9. remove the du and the ability to use skill in social tavern and allow it only in private tavern or party tavern
  10. maybe mathias could summons more skeletons that get faster each wave and for the final wave give a good aura that heal/buff some bodyguards that spawn with him.
  11. canons are fine, maybe even a little overpowered if you build only canons with 1 upgrade with 1-2 ballistas, boss get stunlocked and die so fast. ballistas seems ok
  12. Flameburst range and aoe effect should get little buff with every upgrade. Or add a dot that stack like the huntress tower to the fireball to help with ogres.
  13. Chrome Horde should get some kind of speed buff to go with their ability to resist crowd control. In normal mode this incursion seems too easy
  14. Incursion mode: drop are fine the way they are now, you dont have white trash loot dropping anymore and with the increase of legendary drop you can hope to have a good roll. Where before this patch you could play like 1 week and not see one legendary at all (made me stopped playing after 30hrs w/o any leg drop)
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