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  1. So were adding Nullifiers to the game eh... Gg Warframe players will get this.
  2. Keijii


    I need more bags. ...... With all these new characters coming out. I'm a hoarder, I hoard what looks good then compare it later on with what i have. Just give the option to buy more bags so i can throw more money at ya'll K thx.
  3. What they need to focus on is Host being able to kick people out! None of that voting crap.
  4. Lavamancers can only summon one Volcano
  5. Yes. This'll open up more strategic builds instead of SPAMARCHERSTHEYRETHEONLYTHINGYOUNEED noobs.
  6. With Op Gloves needs OP Shoes! Bring back Def Dmg boost shoes! #Broken
  7. 1.5 map runs only because of 3x medals event. New dailies now gives more medals sure but more time consuming 3x maps 5x maps. Within that time 70-90k is nothing. Anywho they should make a small adjustment to the option of spending medals to upgrade or permanently make map give 3x medals than what it normally does. 50+ medals at least on completion of the map from begining to end(Round 1 - 5/7).
  8. The new dailies drove me away for about 2 weeks... :\ just waiting on the next update.
  9. Smaller serenities now? With the removal of the passive from amors besides gloves?
  10. First try first win :| and then i did it with people and failed miserably.
  11. =_= Why would they ninja this. Its either a bug or a bug. Something this noticeable shouldn't be ninja'd in but instead listed on the patch notes. W/e the case maybe hopefully the feedbacks on this will help decide what to do with the reworks in progress.
  12. Someones having fun. We welcome you Kobold King. Give us the biggest fireworks we'll ever see.
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