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  1. Personally I don't use the huntress except for traps like Geysers, and Explosives so I don't worry bout that.
  2. If they add another "easter egg" like that, it will be fantastic like from DD1 was pretty nice when you get that free money and those security cams lol
  3. Go to: Control Panel, then go to uninstall a program. Then uninstall programs that you don't use and that are useless. And also when your playing open up task manager, and "end processes" of useless stuff.
  4. Any idea when pets are coming out, or character specs to upgrade them?
  5. I think were not currently getting any secondary stats for armor at all. But if it was a bug they probably would've fixed it already.
  6. I'm pretty sure it will get used + the player base this game has it will atleast have 50+ players on at all time. And it's only like 10$ a month, and with all the money they make from the game... I' sure it will. But how can it get abused? It could be used for other games, Trendy would now need another set of moderators to to keep that in line. There could be trolling, griefing, hate speech, etc. That's true if they do make an Official teamspeak they will need more trusted staff to help run that teamspeak.
  7. Try restarting your computer. If that doesn't work then try this; Step 1 - Locate your Steam Folder. Step 2 - Open your Steam Folder. Step 3 - Right click on the 'folder' "appcache". Step 4 - Click "Delete". Step 5 - Restart your computer. If that doesn't work then try uninstalling your game then reinstalling it. Hope this helps :D
  8. Seems ok, we always need new heros though :P so I suggest them adding it.
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