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  1. https://imgur.com/3Mma2ES its just 1 picture idk if its allowed though hopefully it is i am lazy If i win and you (person reading this) won something pm me i may be interested in a trade
  2. papo6181

    Item Check Thread

    So i was recently told some of my gear may be hacked i just want to confirm so i know what to throw to the lava gods in embermount https://imgur.com/a/sXDffvb
  3. I have 7 cubes and 76 coal to offer i am currently trying to exchange that coal into cubes I can offer Golden Roost as a trade as well
  4. So you think its not fair because you were not playing this game at the time the pet was available? limited time things are limited just like those "Try this game for the weekend" on steam if you went on vacation that weekend will you send an email to steam support saying "Oh guys it is unfair i was on vacation, nu nu nu, i wanna try this game" (probably not the best scenario but i guess you understand :P). If your concern is that the pet is op then say it is op (which you shouldnt because you dont have it muahahahah ) anyway yes in my opinion it is quite op maybe reduce its power by 5-10% ma
  5. no i like that the gunwitch is unique thanks to the double jump, vroom broom and vault
  6. Edit: add tab so it uses 4 spaces please instead of posting a thread :P Lock some special items like monthly pets, events, etc. from trading. Whenever you get a drop a 2 hour timer starts and you can give that item to your party buddies before that timer ends but only those "buddies" you got the item with. What i mean is that you can only trade the items with the people that were in the game the moment you got it and you only have 2 hours to give it to them
  7. 32 inventory space in 1 bag but not 32 bags, maximum ammounts of bags you can have is 12 and i need more
  8. Title says all, reason i want more than 12 bags is because every game i need to sell all 6 auto loot bags i have. 20 bags sounds good to me :) i might want more later ;) all depends on how much items/sets i want to collect you release. 
  9. Are you soloing NM? yes i am, i like more playing with people though but i find nm easier solo. All i need is hearty blockade, frosty power, AA and traps, but probably whenever they add new builds and increase difficulty i might need more slots, i cant solo nm4 incursion though i need people to help me.
  10. well i use the same 4 builders for every map i would only use maximum 5 heroes if i want to add a dps, which i need. Other than only 4 heroes available to use in game i dont see the problem of hero deck maybe they should add the 5th slot on hero deck for dps and 5 free slots for everyone so they can have 4 builders and 1 dps.
  11. oh only 12 :( i wanted to get like 20 bags :(
  12. Why are almost all your builds the same? example: %health tower increases defense speed, etc.
  13. Is there going to be another full wipe anytime soon? or will there be one on full release? please do one on full release <3
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