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  1. I hope it's not being tested by the same people who didn't notice the projectile speed nerf. Or all the other ridiculous bugs that didn't get caught.
  2. I would never support this. If I want to start over, I can do so at any time. There's no need to take everyone else down with me. In fact, I have a set of characters that have never bought anything at a shop, or played with any other characters. They earned everything they're wearing. They don't hold a candle to the ones I usually use, and have bought from shops... But there they are. However, if there were a second set of servers, and all the hacking and balance issues were finally done, I would play on the new servers.
  3. You also only get 1 if you split-screen. Kind of a bummer if a local friend is helping you, but oh well.
  4. I got 100^up ones so no its not. No, but ones over 100 are apparently pretty rare.
  5. This nerf wasn't an accident. The 'accident' was not telling us about it. They fully intended to do it and that hasn't changed.
  6. Game crashes are actually pretty rare now, and have been for some time. Are you talking about disconnects?
  7. You seem like children talking over and over and over something that isn't even true anymore. The changes have been reported in the Patch Notes Thread. And why would they revert something that balanced the game?? Insulting others is not a valid debate tactic. The change didn't balance the game. That's what all these posts are about. If they did, there would be a few compaints from people who like being overpowered, and it would die. Instead, we have a lot of posts saying why the towers are now underpowered and how it adversely is affecting their gaming experience.
  8. But I think the 40%-50% nerf is unheard of. Read back through the forums on past nerfs. 40-50% is about the minimum change they make. They've been widely criticized for it, but they continue to do it. They seem unable to comprehend that multiple small nerfs, after careful study of each, is much better than a single massive nerf.
  9. The reversed swings thing is a problem for them. The way the code works is that each of those triggers is mapped to a command. When it was just 'attack' and 'special', it didn't matter that they were reversed from the mouse controls. But now that they are 'left' and 'right' attacks, it matters visually. It doesn't actually make you play the game any worse... It's just silly looking. I imagine they knew about this issue and decided it wasn't worth delaying the patch just to fix that... And it could take quite a bit of work to fix, with how they've done the key bindings.
  10. also respawning mobs on assault maps? no wonder more and more people hack the game.... Assault has always worked that way on higher difficulties.
  11. + for fixing a few more things - for the late heads up to the community (my opinion) I think this is the real issue. We want open and honest communication. The thing is, they probably did. As a developer, I can tell you that time estimates are insanely hard. The only way to hit an estimate is to badly over-estimate and then not add any work to it. So Trendy could hold the patches back longer and actually hit deadlines every time, or give us their best info and expect us to just be patient sometimes. They chose the latter. They probably should be trying for something a little diff
  12. Yeah! It's right up there with people acting like an authority and telling people how to behave, even though they have no official capacity to do so! ... Did you catch that? I wasn't sure you'd know I meant you, if I didn't write this.
  13. Thefayde is correct. That post says that the patch is ready, but Valve said they can't do their part until the 30th. Trendy then said they were keeping the patch in beta until then. So no, the patch hasn't been submitted yet.
  14. Is it still bannable if i buy that 10 mana 118^ app guardian for 10 mana then sell it back to the tavern for 10 mana because of my guilty conscience?? Curious minds wants to know! It'll sell for more than the 10 you paid. No, it's not bannable.
  15. You aren't the first person to tell them this. There has never been an official response.
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