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  1. If you guys payed attention you'd see that the towers are stronger.. More hp... The move speed is same as others it's just the animations
  2. Yes tht works tang but seriously.. Unless you do pure strat or survival you don't have time for that...
  3. being able to shrink auras and traps is good and all but whats the point in allowing that if you still cant place them? my stat is so high that even shrinking them does me no good.. there has to be a way to alow placing of the towers but make it so that for certain areas they dont do any damage....
  4. I want a megan X skin for the series Ev, and maybe if you're feeling adventurous, a rush pet. Since trendy can't cause of copy rights... Or but let's be honest they copied metroid already and assassins creed and rage... What's one more game?
  5. Again with the 'fix kick' bull****? Someday you will be a endgame builder and then, you will understand why we kick some people. at least tell the guy why you kicked him rather than instant kick.. its ridiculous... i have very high end game gear better than most and i get instantly kicked, no inspecting of my or my gear, no warning, no explination just kick and yet i got gear that would make a 4 man nightmare frosty boss (being done solo) cry
  6. ive done it (nightmare hc) with towers, but its bloddy difficult.. tower placement has to literally be "perfect" and your stats have to be "perfect" theres no iffy on the placement or stats as far as i can tell.. and even then i had to get my imp out and constantly repair stuff
  7. Loving this ! I am however wondering about hardcore mythical defender, wasn't it supposed to bring a cool reward too ? Is it just a forgotten project ? Also I hope this reward will not only concern a single character class this time :D The reward is there.... If you earned it Before they added the achievement was added (completed the requirements before hand) It gave the achievement but not the suit, simply redo one of the stages and poof you now have it
  8. Biggest difference for me is the countess is MUCH faster than the squire, making her useable for non-survival building on big maps like glitter. She has less hp than the squire though - in general, female characters will have less hp but more speed than their male counterparts. I don't think towers change. Also the ranger gets a jetpack skin. The abilities of each counterpart are slightly different but do basically the same function. the counterparts for the most part have AOE added to them to the exception of the female app.. she does get an instant upgrade and a tweaked mana bomb that work
  9. no game will ever be 100% balanced especially when its releasing new content on a regular basis... just wont happen.
  10. More players does not equal better drops, it only means there can be more drops on the ground. It doesn't matter if they're chest or monster drops. Also, chest and monster drops both have the same potential quality. Chests can have the illusion of being better just because you don't get as much loot from them. coulda sword they said that the gear gets slightly better aroud initial release.. infact it was in patch notes that they made it no longer the case then a couple patches later reveresed that desicion
  11. We compile all of the community's suggestion and then pick our 10 favorites. (Since our forum polls will only allow 10 options.) someone did a poll a while back when it was only ddfw out... with something like 30 options remember that hitmonchan? i cant remember the name of the site used
  12. only like two of those make any kind of sense... how would armored paladin make sense outside of holloween? same with secret agent? the rest could be pulled off anytime..
  13. Be sure to vote for the Apprentice's costume for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day DLC! And as always, be sure to head on over to the Facebook poll and vote there, too! Poll closes at 1 a.m. EST! (12 hours from now!) it would go along way if we had some concept art
  14. VAC isn't going to discriminate between if you're playing DD on Open or Ranked, if you're using a program that is going to modify the game in any way, VAC is going to catch it. You can use that same program on Ranked, likely. There are guidelines as to what things you can do to your character on Open and I'm pretty sure memory-editing, for example, is one of the no-no's. DD as a whole is VAC-protected, I believe. That means you have to be careful of what programs you're running in the background. In short, if you got banned, it wasn't because you were modding in Open or because you trans
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