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  1. saw this on discord and even though it's not "gear" those stats are ridiculous!!!
  2. making the game a joke started with AL archer builds. granted things should get interesting whenever the strategic revamp is realeased.
  3. you need at least 358 post to be considered hardcore :p
  4. The term casual is too broad and many people that fall into this category give others a bad name much like how an elitist give hardcore players a bad name. However, simply put I would say that the difference is obviously based on amount of time spent in game...nothing more, nothing less.
  5. yep, the best thing to do is either enter a game with a pre-set party found in the pub or friends list. That or just do a private game. Its not the most ideal way to solve the problem but its the only real options currently available till they come up with something better.
  6. I think it will happen but I doubt it will be anytime soon.
  7. her builder spheres cost gold Oiling Strikes, Chilling Strikes, Press your Luck, Panic Fire (on reddit it was posted that they all work on her beam node) all the other builder spheres are useless. +2 reflect nodes can be on gear too, weapon manufacturer things are useless, the weaponmanufacturer spheres for the specific weapons need to be on the DPS EV, not on the builder, so these 3 are also kinda useless. and the earth-torpedo...well...no use for that one either. so no medal-spheres for a builder-EV. Her DPS on the other hand needs medal-spheres, i think the most used ones are the two for t
  8. I bought mines with gems because once you get EV2 you probably want a few spheres depending on the build you are using.
  9. How is this really any different from many other f2p games? Casuals that don't spend money usually get the short end of the stick because they have neither time nor money to spend on a game.
  10. EV2, and more specifically protons - you want to try to get 3% freeze on your weapon and medallion. 5% works fine though, but you want to prioritize DP/DC. Getting Crit damage + the frost on a weapon has proved troublesome for me, but I was able to complete the map with only 2% frosty, I'm going to think it's viable without any at all, but it's great to see Ogres chain stunned, and it's not like any other passives are really that great anyhow. SAS for her is 100 into speed, I'm not entirely sure if the range works or not, but I do put 50 into it just in case since you can see the beam arcing
  11. Then they wouldn't be dailies now, would they! They would be half-dailies or something. If you wait 2 weeks, Evie will be 10k medals. Or.....if you were one of the few who updated the moment the patch came out, you would have been able to get her for 10k medals. Fine, instead of giving out 1 daily quest every 24 hours, give out 2 instead. Does the name really matter that much to you :/ Also, My suggestion was to improve the quality of life for all players in general while still providing incentive for players to purchase heroes using gems.
  12. I think I got like 37 from NM4 ramparts incursion.
  13. It would be nice to get a new daily once every 12 hours or double the current rewards. Also, drop the price of new heroes to 10k medals but keep the medal cap at 12k to prevent people from hording it. This would still provide a lot of incentive to purchase the hero with gems and then spend their stash on all the spheres. It would also give the f2p portion of the community a couple thousand extra medals to purchase a few spheres while they work on getting more medals.
  14. I think it took me a couple of weeks to get the AL spheres I wanted using HM :( To be honest the biggest reason I bought AL with gems is because the cost of spheres.
  15. for 406.1MB ?! yep, high speed internet is extremely expensive. I pay $70/month for "up to" 1 Mb/s which is usually about 60 kb/s when downloading with steam but unlimited data. The alternative is paying for high speed internet through my cell phone which can be pretty costly. I paid about $25 just to download the previous patch which was less than 1gb. sorry to say this but, where in the world do you live? in a box? (dont take that seriously lol). $70 for up to 1mbs, thats fudged up. I live in a tent but work out of a box (well connex to be a little more precise)...lol I'm a contractor in
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