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  1. Same Problem here. Changed Regions from "Default" to "EU", works now. Update: Error reappeared after one session Update2: Switching Region and reswitching back works for me (tried multiple times), but trying to load a map causes the error Update3: EU kicks me out all the time now (trying to load a map), US seems to work fine (tried once) Update4: Getting the error for EU and AU now, infinite loadscreen for US ... thats it for today folks!
  2. Invisible players, tower inside tower, skills dont work...what's going on?
  3. Interesting idea, but how dare you criticize my lovely training dummy ! For mere 20 mana you get a brave soldier who fights for you with all his might! And if you get to lvl 40 you can just roflstomp enemies by going crit build and using the large Press Your Luck Sphere ! No, i would not implement your idea for the normal dummy, but it seems like a good idea for an uber sphere. Give the Dummy a full metal gear, raise his costs and you're good to go !
  4. Can confirm this as well, it uses up all reroll items instead of one
  5. The fix is up, its a steam thing, update doesnt work.
  6. I dont think the loot is a problem, we just need a better solution for the display of healthbars and the consistency of these, like an option to switch them on/off permanently or a keybind to display them.
  7. Well, this is still pre-alpha^^ Could still be a project in the future.
  8. Whilst leveling a Huntress today, i realized two things: First - There can actually be elemental stats on bows (never saw one on endgame bows ... change!!!) and second - while the left click attack shoots a projectile depending on the element on the bow (little thunderball, splashes of water, ...), the secondary attack is just as lame as ever. This has huge potential for cool animations and epic special effects like charging a lightning beam which pierces multiple targets and sounds like thunder (high projectile speed - high range - direct aim) or charging a swirling waterball which explodes like a huge waterbomb on the enmies and drenches them (slow projectile speed - low range - angled aim) + need elemental weapons and animations for other classes
  9. Air Units that wont get targeted by turrets (even skyguards). Stealth ends as soon as Unit takes dmg, either by a hero or they are dumb enough to fly into a lightning aura. you could also add an uber rune which lets towers detect stealth air units. Visually they would either be invisible and distort light (like in movies) or they would carry a cloud in their claws or they would be like in a cloud and u could only see their wings (as it gets hit the cloud blasts away and the monster gets confused for half a second, thus standing still) or whatever
  10. The player profile already got anounced in devstream, and they probably thought about a report system as well (since every decent game got one nowadays). All we have to do is wait for it.
  11. A solution for this would be to introduce range modification at a later point in the game, like on hardmode legendary items, so you got em for nightmare, when they would be really necessary.
  12. Widen: x % area dmg on melee attacks (weapon stat) Pierce: huntress projectiles pierce x targets (weapon stat) Cleaving Wound: Sword Beam reduces healing on monsters hit by xx% for x seconds Don't hurt me: (Further) Reduce dmg taken from monsters taunted by Provoke by xx% Strip: Reduce Armor of monsters hit by Seismic Slam ...
  13. How about scaling rewards? If the XP gained would be a certain percentage of the XP needed to get to the next lvl, it would even relieve the hard grind in higher lvl areas (20-25). I'm speaking of 50-75% of the XP needed. With this, even players that dont have alot of time to play (1-2 matches a day) would be able to reach max lvl in an acceptable amount of time. If there are players, who really dont want to level by grinding, u could combine this by selling a Daily resetting coupon-whatever in the coming ingame store. Looking at the gold reward, it's a plain formality. You earn so much later on, and even if you're <25, there's always someone who can build, so you dont have to invest in pre 25 equip. To get it going on this side, i would suggest an additional reward, beside some more gold in later lvl. Something like "Defender Coins", which can be used to purchase e.g. Special Titles, which give some extra stats/stat points, or just look cool (or even show in form of an aura around your character). It would be implemented in the ingame shop and not purchaseable by real money like the currency, which will be used for skins and such.
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