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  1. or just ignore them, no point changing the game over something so silly, let them get bored and quit
  2. lets be real are you really surprised we haven't gotten it yet, prob another 6 months lol
  3. ViVi

    Chromatic Games Dev Log 1

    cant wait to relive one of my favorite games
  4. I'm a really old fan of DD1 played over 2500 hours I wanted to wait till DD2 was out before trying but I just couldn't resist! Somethings that I liked right of the hop is the map design. It's really nice to see more out door maps loving it. the colours and atmosphere of the maps are really well done A+ trendy. The currency system is much better this time around, even tho there isn't trading (yet, i hope) in DD1 it was really annoying having items worth 100 billion mana. The item drops with the beams of light are really nice and ez on the eyes, as well as the towers and auras. Even tho i'm about to list a bunch of cons i still love the game! . no drop all mana button -from what i can see .limited to 3 hero cards- this is a big nono for me. As a solo player i feel like i should have the right to make 8 heros if i want and build them the way i like (pure damage, hero damage or buffs) with 3 slots i'm very limited. .no middle mouse build wheel. if you played DD1 you could click the middle mouse button and a wheel would come up with all your towers and abilities made it really convenient and faster to build (imo) . no button for inventory it's kinda a pain that i need to walk to a forge to view my stats and items (quality of life change) . no option to auto join private tavern don't like that i need to join a social tavern . needing to leave the tavern to change game mode/difficulty . not needing to use walls ever i can beat every map with out ever using a wall, i like walls please make them worth using :) again please remember theses are my opinions and i'm well aware that it's still pre-alpha keep up the great work trendy and i hope to see some familiar faces again soon :)
  5. nah they went crazy 14^ on armor to like 100^ then to 300
  6. Quit over a year ago wondering if cubes still hold any sort of value
  7. Lol u just wanna do more dps and not have to think about surviving I really doubt that's gonna happen. not at all i started DD the day it came out.. as time went on the loot ramp went way of hand. there is noting wrong with res. i think it needs a re-work that's all
  8. just a question on the armor in the tower defense side of the game, will we need to waste 50+^ on capping res. I feel that this time around RES should not be mandatory.
  9. ^ Agreed... also I like the idea of a moba play style for the pvp element it was broken in DD1. With that said mistakes... Please dont soley focus on the moba bring back the classic DD element. I look forward to playin DD2 for the moba and hopefully the classic DD. :squire: cant agree with you more iv'e never played a moba game but i think it's the right path to take with the PvP 100% support
  10. hey trendy long time no talk :P as a vet player just wanted to give you some input on what you did wrong in DD1. don't go crazy with loot again "uber and super loot" really hurt the game and i would not like to see the same loot ramp as last time keep it slow :P
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