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  1. Why? That only means i got the game way before you did. Doesn't mean I play it every day on every patch and so on... Gosh you're cringy
  2. Everytime i open the game i can see the logo of trendy when loading then the little video intro, after that its all black and stuck there and i cannot do anything on my pc, i had to create a shortcut to shutdown non responding programs on my second screen... Verified game cache, reinstalled the game... Still not working
  3. What the hell is this. Gotta make some weird ass blue mules that i dont even understand to get better gear... Play with 1 character in the deck and basicly just leech to go through higher tiers... This is honestly one of the worst updates to DD2
  4. Well since the game is free i would like to play this on my main steam account that i use and not the one i bought this game al ong time ago. Is there a way to login on a different steam account and keep all my characters...?
  5. What we need is not a nerf for everything, but to buff the enemies. They are weak asfk and easy even on nm4. Im not even playing this game anymore cause it is super boring and super easy....
  6. deleting your hero was probably stupid tho. As soon as they fix the endgame GG ur gonna have to waste a bunch of hours
  7. I thin mid june for abyss lord series EV together. Also pyro passive for mage what is that? Flame thrower?
  8. then if im done with my 5 maps i could do harbringer easy super fast?
  9. well i think my ballista lv1 have about 13 or 16k damage per shot???? About 650 ipwer i think i could do it? Also can i use someone else PSN to login into split screen and use their character 50 to help me ?
  10. well i dont mind spending money since i have apretty good IRL job and i spend money on what I enjoy. Any way, maybe ill listen to oyu and try out what i actually need. Btw best way to use my daily exp bonus and just level up my character is??? Im doing free play hard on the first map but idk if its the best exp per hour to get 1 character to 50
  11. By Frost Attrition you mean frosty power? Well ive played on the pc version before and have over 175 hours, the only problem its been a while i havent played and yes i am on ps4 now. Thing is i really love the barb defense power build since harpoons are really strong and deal AOE DMg. As for huntress dps, i prefer a hero damage build with a good bow. Thing is, idk if it would actually be viable. I hate that you have to use those preset builds to be able to do anything and that the customisation on builds doesnt exist.... Maybe im wrong idk
  12. Well i was wondering what would be a good 4 hero combination to solo since on ps4 theres not really anyone that i play with. I really love the DPS ballistas on my squire problem is, i dont have magic damage nor defense health blockades.... What should i do? I also need a DPS archer to help with everything during the waves so maybe i could go like that??? 1 Squire Defense Power 1 Squire Defense Health 1 Archer defense power (With elemental traps) 1 archer hero damage????? Please someone enlightent me
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