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  1. I have posted thoughts related to the poor inventory and UI in the Suggestions forum. In regards to this thread, I will say that Dungeon Defenders 1 is a better game. The point of a Tower Defense game, is to build towers and kill monsters. DD1 did that very well, and was not so incredibly diverse enough to have too many options. Certain classes (Huntress/Monk most obviously) had things which were useful in every map, and that only they had the capacity to do. That helped make each character useful and awesome. DD2 has too many options. DD2 also has too many options which are not even viable.
  2. Few things are more fun than a website which breaks the functionality of the BACK BUTTON, and instead forces you into a constantly-redirecting loop back (FORWARDS) to the page you're trying to leave.
  3. Perhaps because people just post everything here despite knowing better, all for the same reason of increasing views? I spent an hour posting my suggestions in the proper forum, because I believe Trendy created it for a reason, and I don't feel the need to knowingly post in the wrong location just to increase visibility.
  4. The most constructive suggestion I can give, is that this belongs in the Suggestions forum.
  5. So I tried to equip only one Totem, Mark, Medallion and Orb on a character, hoping that the comparison tooltip would at least show me the same "kind" of Relic. It did not. So for now, the fastest way to actually deal with your inventory after leveling up a few times, IMO, is just to remove everything and start over. 4) On the only inventory screen which allows sorting, a secondary filter is needed for (at minimum) sorting the filtered items by Rarity, or Level.
  6. This is a rant, but I'm also going to tell you how to fix the damn thing. For starters, an inventory system in a loot-centric game should have at least three criteria met which yours does not. 1) It should be easy to sort. 2) It should be easy to compare to what you have equipped. 3) It should be easy to switch what you have equipped with what you've found. 1) Why is it not easy to sort? For starters, the "Auto-collect" does not appear to function, particularly if any bags have overlapping criteria. There's nothing automatic about the collection of the loot (actually picking it up), so that
  7. You realize that your character is a part of the combat wave for a reason, right? Let's brainstorm reasons why that might be...
  8. If you aren't going to spend any of 1 billion, then logically you don't need ANY mana at all. You have no room to complain if you have a billion and yet spend nothing. QQ more
  9. Yeah, scrap the entire engine because a few people want to ***** about patch sizes and toss in a complete lack of understanding about Steam as well. Excellent idea. QQ more.
  10. You lost credibility with your high horse when you suggested that if you aren't a part of a gaming development studio, that you have no right to be pissed off when companies fail to test patches and for the *second* time, royally break game mechanics or features.
  11. Ideally new ones. Though the Halloween map had added spawns and such, so the setup was not the same as regular Ramparts.
  12. Seriously Trendy? W.T.F. How hard is it for you to load up your test build, go into a tavern, and make sure you didn't **** something like this up? This isn't the first time something like this has happened, either. It's really not doing your reputation any favors.
  13. I've already mostly quit the game. Why play the same maps I've already beat on Insane, just to get better loot, so I can go back and beat them ...again? on Insane? Nightmare isn't going to change the fact I'm STILL PLAYING THE SAME MAPS. What needs to happen for this game to continue to thrive is NEW MAPS. Not one a month, but a PACK. The 'Nightmare' patch needs to bring at least 10 entirely new maps or I don't really see myself continuing with DunDef.
  14. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?21405-Thumbs-Up-Down-system-improvement
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