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  1. Highscore list - More competitive play and more reason to not just come on to do the daily
  2. Squire is one of the top ´╗┐´╗┐tower builders in the game and in my opinion the strongest one. Using a combination of the ballista for wave clear (large sphere for extra damage as well) and the cannonball tower for dps they can put out more output and take down bosses with greater ease compared to apprentice (my opinion, lets not talk about the lightning strike aura) The reason why I think there's no large sphere for damage is probably because the base damage is greater on single hits compared to the apprentices AOE flambursts which need that extra boost of damage to make it worth while and dont
  3. Is there any difference from any other steam game, most of the games I have require you to press play 3 times, a good example of this would be mount and blade warband and if you put into perspective league of legends and every game would have 3 play buttons if they ran through steam. (blame steam) Do you not think that it's good to have that launcher screen with the news of updates as I think its a must have. You need the game title screen to adjust options and settings, imagine if your forced straight into the game and your screen resolution didn't fit and the options menu was not on the sc
  4. [[75976,users]] Resetting the spec doesn't change it but after restarting the 3rd time it has gone back to normal. But still not sure how it happens, but at least it's only a minor inconvenience
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=422611128 I just saw this and was wondering if this is a bug, I've unspeced my points to see if it changes anything but nothing happens....... What are gambits and do we have any news about when they will be implemented?
  6. Huntress Hunters Bond - Pets with physical attacks gain X extra damage based of the huntresses hero damage, pets with magic attacks gain X extra damage based of the huntresses ability power. Arcane Affinity - The huntress imbues her arrows with her magic gaining X magic damage based upon her ability power or every time she uses an ability she gains magic damage on every shot for X amount of seconds. She replaces one of her ability slots with an activation slot so when ever she fires a shot she consumes X amount of blue mana. Elemental Affinity - The huntress uses her magic to imbue the element
  7. I'm happy that you're happy. Two left today, I thought that when I received gold and exp for special delivery in game that I completed it but that's not the case :(
  8. I just got this achievment today with around 250 hours gameplay :D so happy
  9. Me and all my friends playing have the same problem
  10. I'm receiving major lag in lily's upgrade shop while trying to upgrade my items, I try to move or double click an item and its freezes the screen for 30 seconds. I've went into a private match to try resolve the lag problem but its still producing the same problem. I'm not shore if its just my game that's having this problem or others are getting it as well but I have no problem going into the inventory menu and selling my gear and I can easily open the recruiting menu.
  11. Well this was answered in relation to my question on critical hits, so I'm defiantly for turning auto aim off or having it as an option. I cannot tell where my shots are hitting even though my cursor is dead on their head and when for example an ogre isn't moving and im hitting crits due to hitting his head, it would randomly not crit, so hence why I asked about is there a percentage chance to crit :L
  12. How does the crit system work and how much % is our crit chance? I assume that their is a percentage chance that if you hit a monster in the head you have a chance of scoring a critical hit. We already have access to increases in critical damage but will there be another ability to increase our chance of scoring a critical hit?
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