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  1. Did i miss it in the patch notes that now Speed Harpoon is a flat rate or is it still supposed to be percentage? or is it just a mixed up stat adjustment?
  2. i have seen in that in tavern too, but when the person left the tower stats became visible
  3. yeah, i have seen that happen but nothing prompted when the piggy died
  4. Do shields no longer roll tower stats?
  5. It's all good, I'll try to fill out the form when i get home.
  6. On Nimbus Reach 25+ (only mode i've tried it on) When a miniboss spawns from the Twin Bridge Path and dies on the bridge (happened twice with the mace piggy) the drops no loot at all.
  7. Rafiki_


    Is there anyway we could get some type of mass sell button? maybe sell a whole bag at a time?
  8. I completely agree, the way it was pre-patch was nice. You could skip all the levels and just get the final result. Upgrading anything with 20+ upgrades right now has just made me stick it in the bag and wait.
  9. I have to agree with Gutu on this, the squire towers are nice but the speed of the cannon turret makes beginning waves difficult, especially on solo play.
  10. Lightning Aura- I'm a fan of where this is at. It seems to be a lot more useful (to me at least) plus the ability to overlap makes putting them in corners more viable. Boost aura- When i read the patch notes i was worried about the changes here. I am by no means a top tier player and my item levels pre-patch were only 3-'s but i still was able to get 55% base boost. so losing that stunk, since i mostly play solo and used the boost cover more of my sub par tower stats on other characters. So i Played some with it and while i lost about 20% damage, it didn't seem that noticeable. I might get blazed for this opinion but I don't think the % Boost should be a flat rate. Yall said you were worried that it was bad for new players but i don't see how a flat rate makes it any better than a scaling rate? Unless you are under level 10, but you adjusted the leveling to go much quicker so i don't see how that hurdle was not removed. However, I also see why if the scaling is to high players would set up op towers and afk whole maps and the game would become stale. I guess i would like to see "some" scaling but maybe cap the % out so you can't go higher than some set numerical value. Health Aura- Does anyone use this? The Anti-Air turret (yeah i forgot the name)- I have Been a fan of where this tower was and is, its not Incredibly powerful, the range doesn't cover half the map so you still have to strategically place these. Pole Smash- Did yall Change something here where you can't use this to slow or stun Orges? As far as i know (i don't have a mage) but this is my only class that cannot stun a boss, which is weird.
  11. Sooo the patch has made the game completely unplayable? why would you roll out something that you cant even test it's so broken?
  12. Anybody seen an estimated downtime?
  13. What maps are yall farming for loot?
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