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  1. I enjoy a good game that has challenge. Warriors are fine.
  2. I think it's like TF2, you need engineers and demomen!
  3. My huntress is Epinephrine, my squire is Serotonin, and my monk is Levodopa. Do I rip-off enough compounds?
  4. Futility, Ouroborous, excellent posts.
  5. I'm pretty sure they were trying to punish the people who are afkleveling new toons with the solo ogre buff, sir.
  6. "Attack speed" = Shots Per Second. It's a stat all huntress weapons have. Shooting an extra bullet per second can increase your damage by a lot, up to when your weapon shoots 7-8 bullets per second, where upgrading base damage starts becoming a better idea because it'll upgrade the weapon DPS by much more. The Shots Per Second stat can only be upgraded every 4th level.
  7. I started reading, up until that part: When i first play this game, i didn't know this game was about tower base Then I opened Steam, went on the Dungeon Defenders page, and checked the game description. It began with: "Dungeon Defenders is a Tower Defense Action-RPG" :v
  8. hello every one im new here and to the game and i have to say i really love this game but right now i have a problem with it its nothing big but still its some what anoying its like this first i saw the demo on steam and played it with :squire: and reached lvl 4 or 5 cant remember after 1 day i went to the store and bught it while downloading it i delated the demo files from the steam apps and common file after i started playing the game i found my demo hero in the full game and now i cant play training and cant get any achivments on steam so what should i do? :kobold: That is one very long
  9. Some people are silly gooses who lack the brain processing power to make private games. Happens.
  10. Are you a lvl 20 joining a lvl 70 game?
  11. My pirate requires a ship! Oh and a parrot. Oh no... This thread is going to become a pirate vs ninja thing all over again! D:
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