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  1. is all good, take your time.but please fix it before the update.ty I'm happy for the changes
  2. when i say is broken i mean the loot system drop is not working, i got full c5 gear and still drops are not good .so when you play a game, in the end,it give you tons of crap.
  3. Can you fix the loot drops? I'm getting wood green, and blue in Trial game maps what is this?????? Plus the upgrade amount is too low get rid of the 15 upgrade and keep the rest. I have a brilliant suggestion you should just rework the entire loot dropping system. This will make it fairer for all players that want to climb. Even though You pass the map you receive items, not from the chaos that you completed instead the loot dropping system give you gear that cannot help you achieve success in higher levels. Basically, drops from lower chaos!!! A.K.A The System Is Broken
  4. The new update is awesome but it has some flaws such as you've limited players to certain towers to pass these maps and I believe that there should be more of a variety. For example, the roller used to destroy everything in its path and it was fixed so that we could experiment builds with towers but now with c6 and c7 we have special enemies that destroy those towers and it's hard to counter attack them when they come everywhere with rollers and regular bosses. I'm up for the challenge but this is not realistic for a regular player. The drops are bad to the point that there is no improvement it can be discouraging and frustrating spending all this time grinding to get nothing in a game that is currently not ballanced. I have over 500 lvl in ascension + 5k hours in the game. I've been here from the beginning when you had to pay for the game in which I did and not to mention money invested into the game. I also understand the frustration of the other players trying to get up in the game and it's gotten frustrating to the point where I'm not playing the game anymore in its current state.
  5. Is all good, peoples got to learn how to be patient, I want to play to but they got to fix it first, I want to enjoy the game so don't be so hard on the guys they doing there best to get it to where it should be. ty trendy
  6. I'm very happy with the update so far, I know that we have to be patient when updates are this big, so I understand that you're going to have a few bugs. My missing shards it is what it is I guess but please try to fix for me to use my controller to equip any character. When I go back to mouse and keyboard I see that it says which character I can pick depending on they key but I don't get the same with the controller.
  7. I'm missing about 30- 40 shards in dd2 right now I can't even access my characters with my controller
  8. At this time I know what everyone is saying, but you cannot please everyone this is what I think and I said it before if you balance the enemy first you have a base point of what to do next. So, you take one by one of the heroes and buff them according to the enemy like that you do not make a mistake of overpowering gear. Forget about which hero they buff first. They should wait until they can buff them the right way. No only good for the older players but the new ones to come as well. What I am saying is fix the bugs in the game first. For example, the lagging of the game. I know it is hard to fix each bug if you do when you have the next update fewer things to fix.
  9. My fear is that when game is rebalanced, the characters have to be redone again and grind new gear.
  10. Hello Trendy I am a player with 3k+ hours in the game. Ive been with you guys from the start throughout all the changes. I think this game should be balanced and accordingly with the balance getting the characters up to par. All the perfect gear that ive grinded for is now useless. And all end games of nightmare 4 drops are not up to par. Its droping 664 when its hard enough to get 700 with the perfect stats. I think as professionals by now you should know what your doing and please don't tell me this is an alpha its been an alpha for 2 years just get with it and fix the game. Already members of the clan im in have left the game and many more are planning to leave the game, with all being said your making the game so easy that when you make it hard some of the new players will leave the game because its to hard. I like it when it was hard. Now people with only 150 hours have better gear than me and its not jealously but being fair. Please rebalance the game and fix each of the characters one by one so that you don't make any mistakes. Sincerely A long time Veteran That likes the game wants you to go forward with the game to be made as it should be. Something that players can enjoy.
  11. Its unfair that people have already farmed for gear that is maxed and the values of that gear end up changing. It should be according to what you have randomized into the specific armour piece.
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