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  1. yes its the same here, i noticed that the new drops are crap, if you had upgraded gear before the patch its much better then the "new" crap
  2. every legendary drops with 60upgrades is this intended?
  3. i quit ps4 dd2, dont want to waste my time anymore for this to hear every week another " bla bla delay .."
  4. i cant understand why the hell trendy dont give us the update without trophies -.- thats the second week that they delay it, *** this *** im so dissapointet.. just post the update without trophies and give the trophies in another patch..
  5. Hey not sure where to post this for the PS4, everytime i look at a item on the ground the game lags like hell. and another thing is if i turn sounds to zero and im in town at wartable oder in a cavern or something like a cave then i get annoying sounds. give us the opperunity tu turn that off another thing is the stuck roller on c4 map. it will nearly allways stuck or if it not get stuck then you cant attack him at weakspot here are 2 vids from lag/ stuck roller --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KYdOmwtvhc --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YASikHDAK0s
  6. 1 out of 192 is pretty good look at other games.. 1 / 192 is just for the perfect relic you still get other relics with good stats before that. so no reason to get the perfect relic right at the start, what would you farm then if you get all da good stuff at the beginning? ;o
  7. hey im using the pumpkinator shard on my monk and i found a bug i think it has something to do with the fissure of embermount defense i made a video of it, it proccs the shard without any attack on the enemys i also posted the bug here - https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/1740/pumpkinator-bug-with-primary-attacks but not sure if this is up to date so sorry if this forum wasnt the right place to post a bug
  8. hey i miss my ingame title from the screenshot contest, where do i find them ? http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hadeskrieger/ was one of the winners at the scariest contest
  9. its hard to get into nm 1-4 but its doable with some luck you get a upgrade at the first wave bosses and can progress further.
  10. wtf still no fix for nightmare 1-4 ? >,< and another wastet patch for me ;D still waiting for the day X to be able to farm a bit solo at nightmare
  11. hehe and it was only normal incursion ;D so it make sense to have ipwr 400+ gear to beat a ipwr 170 incursion ;D
  12. Hey the skeletons at ramparts incursion have absurd amount of hp .. its impossible to play this incursion at the moment even at lowest possible difficulty 
  13. i dont play anymore after the 5.8 hotfix. it was fun to play before the patch and it was hard but not undoable, but now ? no way to play solo its not doable for me to solo even at nm1 with that changes to the monster hp -.-
  14. untill level 25 the leveling is ok, you play through the campaing on normal and hit anything around 20-25 then you are stuck, you do some free play maps for gear but this dont give much exp provide us more exp for the higher difficultys, i play free play hard and i think it should give much more exp but no it doesnt. so i have to farm betsy on easy to level up my chars and thats a pain in the ass >,< im not satisfied with the current leveling progress, and bonus exp also dont work so its much harder to level up
  15. ok you can ignore it, i finished the quest yesterday and it gives 40 wyvern tokens
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