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  1. A question about the chests, each hero chest contains the same items? I mean if I open a chest per hero will I have all the possible cosmetics? Yes, but there is always a chance of getting the same item. It'll give you one random cosmetic. So how many chests of each hero do you need more or less?
  2. A question about the chests, each hero chest contains the same items? I mean if I open a chest per hero will I have all the possible cosmetics?
  3. Your second point is really interesting, I wonder why they have removed this "feature" in DD2
  4. You can read my opinion about this here https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/120619/maps-more-maps-and-tactical-map
  5. (Name Here) Mile High Club Member You get it when you kill a X number of flying enemies with mele xD
  6. I don't have points left but this should be a must since DD1/2 is an extremely repetitive game when we talk about maps
  7. I don't know how many maps there will be in the final version but honestly in order to not to make the game extremely boring and repetitive it would require around 40-60 maps or so. Some of the maps should be equally difficult so you get the same quality of items, it would be a way to avoid the need of farming always the same maps, this was a problem in DD1, and of course extend the endless mode to many if not all the maps. I remember in DD1 the community was able to develop maps, maybe trendy can open this option already allowing the community to develop maps and then trendy could use them and make them official with minor adjustments (balance/lanes/rewards...). Every week/2weeks we could vote which map/s will be certified and adjusted by trendy and and then become part of the official map/s. I know is still too early and then game isn't balanced but I miss to be able to lose a game, not being able to win a map or to kill a boss, spend hours trying a lot of different builds,... And please do no develop the tactical map... I think it will cause that everyone will use the same build, using no brain, no tests, no learn, no creativity, and making the game easier, simpler and "stupid " EDIT: I remember well https://www.dungeondefenders.com/1/blog/119519/two-free-updates-coming-and-more
  8. Sorry I didn't understood the meaning of "very UP", I thought it was something like very TOP xD
  9. Well I would way that the flame thrower tower is a little bit crappy, the damage is much lower and since the range is so small is almost impossible to find a place to build where it can hit the enemies and not be destroyed from any range enemy attack. The advantage of the auras and traps is that they are invisible to the enemies. Maybe it should work like the earthshaker, a lot of range but a narrow one.
  10.  Best idea in the thread, you kill 2 problems with 1 simple change 1) slow process of lvl items with items, now it can be done with "upgrade exp" stored from items auto sold, it will be much quicker since now you don't need to select 5 items, click upgrade, wait, wait.... repeat the process again... It's a pain, useless and it hurts the gameplay 2) the lag and slowness of having to many items in the temporary bag, so there won't be any problem if these are sold every 3 hours. Omamba good point
  11. Well the idea is to treat the pets as pets, if you want to have many of them so there is more diversity they will became objects like in DD1 Maybe a mix of both can be achieve
  12. Could this be added by default/integrated into the game?
  13. This has been requested several times. It's like you have a set of armor that makes your monk to be a builder and another set that makes your monk to be a DPS, so in a couple of clicks you can change the set (all the items). This will avoid the waste of time of having several heroes of the same class with different armor so they are specialize in something. I think the devs said they will add it but not priority.
  14. Please remove the halo of the items when they are in the floor or make them optional, the game looks like a disco... maybe only the legendaries should keep the halo, or the items with the high category on the floor (legendary, mythical....) so when an item of a higher category appears only this one will have halo (and other with the same category) On the other hand when you are fighting and you have many towers you can't even see the enemies, you don't know what are you hitting... Somehow the proyectiles of the towers should be more transparent for a hero in mele so you are not just kicking enemies totally blinded
  15. I would like to have pets as pokemons. You capture them in a map... I don't know how, maybe each hero can capture them when appear in the maps using one of their special attacks. They move around you and are animated not like in DD1, they were objects floating around They evolve the more you play with them, get new skills, better skills, you choose what skill improve, which will be forgotten, like pokemon They have 1 slot to place an item .... I guess many ideas can come up in order to treat them as real pets and not just items in DD1
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