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  1. Hi i have almost the same problem i dont played for a long time and after logging in all my equip is gone and every bag is empty(including shards, pets, gear, event stuff) the only thing that is left is equiped shards but not the gear so they are inactive. it looks like cosmetics are fine.
  2. Thank you for all! We will miss you!
  3. maybe some adblock/ublock what else addon blocks the cookies
  4. y we need better visuals for the shards...the icons of the shards are bad indicators what shard it is atleast for me here are 2 examples how it could be but dont judge my bad photoshop skills^^  ps.: find the secret
  5. why people think fix problem xyz is done in 1-2 days?????????? and why people think they have to clear c4-5 after a week????? you are the first that leave the game and say the content is to easy
  6. Here are 2 ideas that makes more tower or specific traps viable again. Siegeroller: After pressing G to end the warmup let the game roll and assign the roller a fixed lane... so if a siegeroller spawn he would only come on this lane! EMP Orc or all Special Mobs: Yes Special Mobs is cool new feature but it limits the Tower you can use(And yes there are more tower you can build and not as is claimed.). But you could for example a weekly, daily or with map start based rotation introduce, with more special mobs, so that is not always the EMP Orc. For example, similar to the WoW mythic + affixes. These are just 2 short ideas that I had after reading the post and I'm sure there is much more!
  7. Are you aware that on German keyboards Y and Z are swapped, so German players will now have the key where it previously was for others? exactly the same i wrote in discord so funny... happens xD..... what key is it next hotfix hmmmm^^
  8. http://everytimezone.com/#2017-2-27,1560,cn3 for more timezones! Cant wait anymore xD finally we getting the new inventory + UI update and i can come back and play some dd2 ps.: iamisom when you use the insert link it change the # in the link to % and the link dont work :( here
  9. Medivha


    i was playing and get the message to restart and patched to 10.3 now i get after the trendy logo the same frozen blackscreen! but when i wait after around 1 min i get to the menue and can play
  10. Hi guys, i search for someone that can Carry me on the Second Map, Etherian Chainsaw Massacre Spooky Challenge. Dont have the gear for it and unable to farm it in time before the event ends. i would do it by my self when i can but there is no way to farm it in this short time without playing all day -.- . im sit in the group chat from the dd2 Hub or you can add me here
  11. Core i7 have nothing to do with Hyper Threading! Even some pentium 4, xeon processors have HT and almost every i3, i5 and i7 have it and yes my cpu dont have it and it effect's it but i never say i have a good one or something and this thread effect's not everyone. It is more for people with older CPU's. And yes the GPU can do work for the CPU but not when you give your GPU more to do(makes no sense) and why you assume i lowered my settings i never said that. i play with this settings evertime (yes i can increase it but i prefer to play smoothe) it is ok when you tell us your experience with your cpu (and maybe exact specs, core i7 is a huuuuuge definition) and the start etc but dont spread wrong informations. Thanks
  12. Hi Trendy, at some point in the past(maybe loot and survive...dont track it) the CPU usage in the first ~ 5 minutes of the game has increased. I dont have the best but also not that worsed Pc (specs and dxdiag at the end) and it is at least for me a big deal(and maybe for others too). Yes i know the Cpu is there to be used but it effects extreme the FPS in this case and it is unplayable in this first minutes. I test a couple of settings to check the problem all in Graphics Quality=Custom, Texture Quality=Low, Antialiasing=none, Anisotropic Filtering=none, Detail Mesh Draw Distance=none, VSync=off, Enable Dynamic Shadows=off, Postprocessing=off Window mode: Screen Resolution(SR)=1870x1052 first ~5 minutes: ~70% CPU usage after that: ~ 40% CPU usage Borderless window mode: Screen Resolution(SR)=1920x1080 first ~5 minutes: ~70% CPU usage after that: ~ 40% CPU usage Fullscreen mode: Screen Resolution(SR)=1920x1080 first ~5 minutes: ~100% CPU usage after that: ~ 70% CPU usage + in Fullscreen mode when you tab out and back it goes back to 100% and you have to wait again i also test the thing with unplug the controller but for me it dont have any effect i also clean pc, defrag and and test different Grapic Drivers(actual run with the latest beta driver from AMD) I'm pretty sure that was not always so and i hope you can find the problem or can explain why it now is. Here my Specs: OS: Win7 Ultimate 64 bit(with Service Pack 1) CPU: Quadcore AMD Athlon II X4 640, 3000 MHz Motherboard: Asus M4A87TD Evo Ram: 8 GB DDR3 (2x2GB DDR3-1333 and 1x 4GB DDR3-1600) Graphic card: ASUS AMD Radeon HD 7790 (7700 series) Game runs on a normal Harddrive(no ssd) i dont know which one so i post both xD DxDiag DxDiag 64bit Version <3 Trendy and keep up the good work greetings from Germany Medivha
  13. I like the big towers it gives me more variety and i dont have to fear i run out max buildable towers. but there is a small problem with barricades(or all towers?). When you build Barricades first and then the towers(i only test it with cannonball) you cant build the towers exact in a line because they get blocked from the barricade(on the screen shot the top build) but when you build first the towers and then the barricades it works(bottom build in the screenshot). and another problem with huntress and her left click attack and right click attack (only testet with a falcon shot bow with 1/s and 9 projectiles) when you hold or spam left click attack(normal shot) it shots how the tooltip say one shot every second with 9 projectiles but when you spam right click and dont hold you shot double that fast(dont judge me with the double i dont mess it exact^^ but you will see:P) and i dont think it is intended. yeah first i was a little shocked with the spheres because of the lack of gold but i'm happy you work right now on a solution (virtual high five) with the balance it is hard to say because im right now on endagme insane and work me step by step up(lack of time T_T) oh and another question is it intended that only relics with the first stat defence health have the new huntress passive and is there a bow with the new one(dont find one even with crap stats)? but awesome patch cant wait for some hotfixes and part 2! <3 Trendy And final my biggest Wish: a filter option so i can find in my inventory defence power and defence health items faster(yes for the other stats too :P) - we all love "Tons of Loot" but when 90-95% of the loot lands in the bags of the vendors to give us some money so we can buy some way proviant for your next adventure it would be awesome when it go faster xD.
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