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  1. So I was planning on coming back to play the game and try out EV2 tomorrow...and thats about as much info as I can find on when the patch hits. Is there a specific time servers are coming down to patch/how long the patch will take? Can't seem to find the info anywhere and I don't know if they generally have a set schedule that everyone knows and I don't so if they do could someone help me out and say it? Should I expect servers to go down and midnight tonight and be ready to jam at 6 a.m or will it be mid afternoon tomorrow?
  2. Will the compensation be just the pet or also include tokens?
  3. Update - So not only did our monthly reset but EVERY single time you enter a public tavern it resets AGAIN. I just started farming my incursions again, it reset AGAIN. Done trying to do this till this is fixed
  4. Forget the egg I want those evil tokens for uber's
  5. This is infinitely frustrating as I was going to finish the monthly quest today and finally be done with the cursed thing, 75/75 legendary's, 41/75 skeletons, 20/25 incursions and its gone! Not only that but I haven't got a daily for the past TWO days which is the ONLY way to get a damn uber in this game. Started the game again 5 days ago since last year only to be gated by these tokens from daily's. Was looking forward to getting my first uber by finishing that monthly but looks like that won't happen for a while now, why is there no option to buy these tokens with gold ingame or somethin
  6. I was 75/75 with legendary's, 20/25 with incursions, 41/75 for skeleton's and mine just reset too. What the hellllllllllllllll
  7. Isn't the Betsy legendary...Betsy only?! /s
  8. "On October 13th, the Steam version is entering Open Alpha! This is when the game will be free for anyone to join in the Early Access period. To this point, the feedback from our Early Access players have led to major changes to core features, and we’re excited to extend this opportunity to everyone. Players who join in during Open Alpha and beyond will not receive the currency or exclusive goodies unless they purchase one of the packs on Steam. When we move into Open Alpha, there will be no more full wipes, but we may still have limited resets/rerolls depending on what we add or change to the
  9. I agree NM4 is hard. Tired of having to solo it need frands
  10. http://imgur.com/pDahYs4 For some reason yesterday when I logged in my daily's were fine but I tried doing some hard mode missions to get optimal bonus EXP with my 50%'s and I failed one, suddenly I had 3 daily quests instead of 1. None of the daily's have the option to reroll (pick a different daily) and I have tried doing what is listed on them and they do not update with progress at all. Can't seem to complete any of them (except my monthly) to collect the wyvern tokens I need. Is this a visual bug/my real daily's are under there I just can't see what they are or is this a known/new
  11. So unfortunately I looked about and there isn't too much info to be found about DD2 in its current state. I am a returning player, the last time I played was when level cap was (25?) its been a while last I played was Christmas last year I believe. The game has changed! Level cap increase, pets, now input stats when leveling, sphere's?, all sorts of new goodies. As stated above not a lot of info on whats good now or any community stuff to hook up with people! One of the big ones is whats the best way to spend our ingame currency from buying the founder packs? Pets/Costumes/Stuff I havent unl
  12. Which challenge is this from? Cause unless ogre crush on Insane gives random rewards it gives me a monk weapon, just curious
  13. Leave a reply paying well in Mana or will trade items for them.
  14. Well I just found out two fun facts, one mana (money form) caps at 15,000,000. This really depresses me cause I cant amass a huge fortune and 15 million is really easy to get let alone the bank is account wide. Also another fun tidbit of information that may have been obvious but I did not know about, hero damage is all and all useless on my Squire due to the fact it does nothing to increase my dps (yes I tested it cause im elemental damage) so yay I saved 70 points! Sad fact is I already cap'd all my armor to give increase hero damage so I still chill at a cool 100. Anyway this is my fi
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