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  1. Hallo all. I'm a old DD1 player, and now i've played DD2 twice aswell. With twice i mean i played it in alpha state, but quickly got sick of it, nothing to do. Then i recently started up again, thinkin the game must have gotten good now. I've been putting like 100+ hours into the game this time, and already now, sick of it again. This game really got potential, i like it alot, but there is absolutely nothing to do when you get just decent gear, you can beat everything and all that is left to do it farm gear, that isn't really nessesary for you. So what the game is missing is * Endgame content - Something that is always progressable. Endgame content could be a few different things. It could be some kind of endless, where you could always get further, and get better gear the further you got. This is me thinkin more like DD1 endless, lets face it, DD2 Onslaught is so lame. Another thing could be some kind of ranking, so that you could always compete against other players with the rankin board so you always had a reason to get better gear. As stated the problem is, when you got decent gear, why play the game, there is nothing to progress through, your just farming better gear for basicly nothing. Lets compare abit - i know this is 2 complete other games, but just listen. In wow, you progress with ur gear, to get to new places, complete new tasks, get some new raid bosses down, because the gear is needed to be able to do so, there is a reason for farming it. Any wow player wow played in Dreanor, would know there was a long streak of nothing new to progress through, and what happened? People left the game. Basicly my point with this game. Diablo 3 ( I don't really like the game tho ) has kinda a endless game, that actually works. You progress through theese rifts, that get harder and harder the further down you get, and also there is a leaderboard ranking system where you get ranked by how far you get, and the time you did them in. This again makes it really important always to get the best gear possible, and progress with it to actually progress further through the game. This is not the first time i'm making this post, i made somehting simulair in the alpha, but nothing has happened. If you want to continue to make people interrested and stay interrested in this game, you need endgame contant, that keeps being relevant. Thanks.
  2. I don't think you did understand. The effect explosion from Shock bow has a raidus. lets say its 1300. The explosion spreads posion. I would like to know how much the different radius's is, or something to compare to. I cannot place a explosion on the ground, and check the radius, because it's an effect from when a mob die, and there is never any circle.
  3. How much is Radius size? Like the Shock bow, it has a explosion radius. As example: "Defense power as damage to enemies in the 1300 explosion radius" My question is, how much is that radius? Is there any way to know what size things are? Can u perhabs match it up against a normal ungeared champions defenses ranges? Anything here would help. I'm mainly asking because of the shock bow, and i would like to know how much range is required for it to hit a normal well-mixed together lane?
  4. Hallo there i recently started up DD2 again. I've read alot about "freeplay" and "Endgame" (Modes) But i can't seem to find them anywhere? I did the full campaign plus i'm at level 50 with my full deck.. any help? Also, what is best for (Best include both gameplay, difficulty and map) Loot? Gold? Thanks - Kazoon.
  5. When you're in a session ( Private etc ) It doesn't show anywhere, what difficulty you're at, it doesn't show what difficulty it is in the map aswell, this is VERY CONFUSING! Me and a buddy, are playing the game alot, but every time we enter a game, and goes to tavern after, it sometimes changes the difficulty ( Perhabs because the leader changes or w/e ). But we are not told this, and we have no chance of seeing it, before we start the map, after we have builded. If you could put a little note in one of the corners, with the difficulty currently on or something like that, that would be AWESOME. This is VERY annoying and i remember, when i last played the game 4-5 months ago, people was also asking hardly for this, and it wonders me it hasn't been implented yet.
  6. 1 char mode! ( There is a topic on suggestion forum about it )
  7. An example of a setup: 1x Squire (Walls + Tank specced) 1x App (Flame + slow specced) 1x Monk (Boost & Aura specced) 1x Huntress (Geyser and dps specced) And IF 6 players map perhabs 2x full dps specced also. Then there could be a queue system, where you stated in your roles, and the game creator could list what was needed, as an example: Doing XX Map on XX Difficulty Needed: 2x DPS 2x Builders 1x Slower Or something like that. It would perhabs be better if the game was made for this, so the characters could be fitted more into this mode generally, but i think it could work out very well even tho of this.
  8. Thanks alot for the answer, it was really helpfull :)
  9. I still would like to see a mode, where you could only have 1 character ( In your deck ). This benefits in several ways: * You can have a main * You don't have to look every item through with every character you have ( Up to 6 times. ) * It makes more need for teamplay & public/friends play generally. * Maybe an increase to 6 players each map or likely, to ensure that every combo can be used Disadvantages * Soloplaying will be harder ____ Even tho soloplaying will be harder, that is alright. I know this is a long shot, but lets compare to wow, you don't enter a raid instance alone, trying to kill the hardest stuff possible known. That you need a group for, which makes sense. I actually think the reason this mode doesn't exist is the pure reason for why me and my friends haven't played it much since we brought it. This would be pure love for me. ___ In my personal experience, this should just be how the game was, and not just a mode, but i would be happily setteling for the gamemode if it came to be true. Every feedback or comment on this is appriciated. Both against and for, but please behaive :)
  10. Okay, so i'm starting off fresh with around 4 months break, wiping my characters together with a buddy and restarting to try again, see what has happened and have some fun. So my question is, what heroes are the best atm ( For building ) and which ones are for hero damage - and most important WHY? Which combos are the best atm? What cons and pros are there for each character? Who is best at soloing? Everything you can tell me about the characters is very important. I would like to not have to reroll because my character is either useless, or i just see another one is much better :p also, is it still nessesary to have multiple characters for combo's, to be able to solo? / Is it better? How many characters is needed, and which builds from each sets the best setup? Simply, everything you can tell me. Very much appriciated :)
  11. I personally don't like set bonuses. It requires you to use X amount of specific items together, so you can't customize that much anymore. Lets say you have a item set of 3 pieces, and you find one of thoose pieces that is not in the set, but alot better than the actual set item you're wearing. This means you cannot equip that item, because you will loose the bonus. I will once again make a references to Diablo 2. In Diablo 2 they had set items, and bonuses, and this was all fine, because the set items was NOT the best in the game, not at all. It was some fine items you could do with, but if you found better items, it would be a clear advantage to equip better items still.
  12. I'm sorry, we never asked for anything that is completely done, balanced or anything. Read the posts in the topic please before commenting. However, everything you say is true ofcourse.
  13. Banned because i'm going to sleep .. Have fun guys :)
  14. Yeah, but i'm pretty sure that it's not working as intended, perhabs trendy doesn't know about this problem yet, but i'm guessing they do tbh :)
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