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  1. I just recently unlocked the Series EV 2 and cant place any towers, when i press the left click to begin placement i then move and place the next node of the tower, this then shows up as : press ([no key]) to Finish tower placement. I've looked through the key bindings but dont see any keys for binding the button to confirm the tower placement and i've tried hitting every key on the keyboard to see if its just a display bug but it appears that i have an un-binded key and cant see it or its not present in the options to change it. Can anyone provide any help on the issue? thanks!
  2. I've been playing quite regularly but heres a few things i needed to get off my chest since the big update. The grind for XP is ridiculously tedious and is frustrating because alot of the game modes are gated behind level 50 which means i've to grind out 5-7 wave maps that only give about 20% xp to my progress and just makes me not wanna level up. Item Power is a good concept and i like it in games, but once you reach level 20 you hit the broken point. What annoys me the most is the RNG involved in the item power on loot. Lets say you are playing Betsy and the item power range that drops is 50-100. You can get a Powerful item that is item level 100 and then a mythical could drop and its only item level 70. So why cant it be powerful items can have a max of 50-65 then Epic quality gear can have an item power range of 65-75 then mythical could be 75-100 and the same for legendaries? When you see that a mythical item has dropped in the chat you no longer get excited because you know its RNG and its probably gonna be really bad Item Power and its annoying having to replace a mythic with a terrible powerful item just so that i can move onto the next map but with poorer stats. I also think the Alchemist should be unlocked at around level 25 otherwise what's the point in gear having upgrade levels at Level 20 if its never gonna be used. Downscaling is another thing that should be an OPTION. I feel like im making no progress in powering up my character when i get new gear and go to a lower level map to test it out because all my stats are been downscaled so i dont faceroll the map, but thats exactly what i want to do, i want to faceroll the map and this was something i enjoyed watching back in DD1 when i could just sit back and watch my towers trash everything. Downscaling should be removed or turned into an option so people who dont want max level players joining their game and just boosting them for easy levels can easily put downscaling on. But when you are a solo player and you mostly boost your other characters in low maps or you want to boost your friends you cant, and its not fun. Tower Speed is another hot topic thats being discussed through the forums and i agree with anyone who thinks it was a majorly fun aspect removed from the game, i wouldnt mind if it had a cap to what speed you could go but waiting 2 seconds for my cannons to recharge and 5 seconds for my balista to recharge is not fun and in my opinion shouldnt have been removed, At the moment i dont feel motivated to get to level 50 and since my character is a tower build and i play mostly solo i have no chance in getting to level 50 on my own. I'm sorry for the bad structured post, i never post in forums so this is a whole new realm for me, anyways let me know what you guys think.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out, ill hotfix it now :P
  4. As for the entry tavern i think the difficulty selection could fix that, although i do understand the reasoning behind it, it would just be nice if it could get reworked a little, i'm sure trendy already have this on their minds but i guess we'll have to wait and see.
  5. [[71089,users]] I Totally agree with your point i was just stating the fact that some sort of iteration of trading would be nice, even if it consists of only gear trading trading. Obviously, i would rather them work on it for as long as they need so it doesn't destroy the game. Maybe a substitute for trading could be implemented, kind of like the upgrade NPC where you put 5 pieces of gear around the gear you want to upgrade but instead of giving us extra upgrade levels this NPC will give us different kind of stat re-rolls such as Ability power could be re-rolled for tower speed and stuff along those lines. Thanks for taking the time to reply man and let me know your thoughts.
  6. First off i'd just like to say i have about 300 hours on DD1 and about 90 on DD2 and i enjoy the game alot. Anyways DD2 is great and i hope to see it flourish in the next year, In the current state of them game everyone knows there isn't much challenge and hopefully the upcoming patch will fix that, but thinking beyond the patch and into even the patch after, id like the game to have some basic features incorporated into the game and some extra core features, ill compile a list below: 1. Paragon like system: Something along the lines of Diablo 3's paragon system but possibly infinite if it could be incorporated without damaging the stat system, obviously make each level hard enough to reach and the benefits of each paragon levels gives you an extra stat on something or every 5 levels you accumulate you get two extra upgrades on an item of your choice, obviously rocking an extremely powerful legendary with 150 upgrade levels is a bit absurd but if the legendary starts off with 25 upgrade levels maybe allow it to reach an extra 10 levels or so. With the special stats on their way maybe the paragon system could be used for those stats. 2. Entry Tavern: Getting rid of the entry tavern would be a nice thing to see, i have not seen any proper reasoning behind it, the game should be like DD1 where you join the normal tavern with the war table already functioning where you can choose what difficulty range and map you want to do instead of having to leave to the entry tavern each time you want to go to a different level range. Not of huge importance but it would be nice to see it removed or improved somehow. 3. Kick Option: A vote kick option should be in place, i hated the kick option in DD1 as the host could remove you with no reason behind it, where as a vote kick system could be implemented to eliminate trolls or un-co-operative people, by un-co-operative people, i mean people who refuse to help and contribute to the game in any way and this can also eliminate AFK'ers as they are extremely annoying. 4. Interaction with other players: I'd like if Trendy implemented an inspect feature as that "Whoa" feeling when seeing gear is lost in DD2 where as in DD1 i loved inspecting people and seeing the stats on their gear so i could build my way towards being as awesome as they are. In-game chat could be improved greatly, its so hard to notice people speaking in chat box in the bottom left of the screen and its even harder to notice during a wave when enemies are trying to punch you in the face and bulldozer your Core. I heard trading will be implemented soon but i hope its really soon as i constantly pick up gear that isnt appropriate for my class/spec and it would be nice to trade someone for that, i know that trading can be done bad but even if we got a trade system where you can only trade gear between players for awhile that would be nice, at least then you guys can still work on figuring out how to not break the game with trading. For the moment this is all i can really think of, feel free to leave your suggestions and even discuss on how to improve on the ideas and points i brought up in the thread and if i see any good or interesting ideas ill add em to the thread. Thanks for reading and all the best from Ireland.
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