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  1. Feels refreshing coming back to DD for me too, though I still think the amount of DLC is a little ridicolus the prices seem much more reasonable than I can remember, still working on getting a good deal through steam trading, having also found one or two possible trades that could end up with me having all the DLC finally, then it's back to my old monk and apprentice along with my new summoner and EV, looking forward to it already.
  2. Well there seems to be an impact of views here, seems to come down to what we're used to, I'm used to new content coming out every now and then and the DLC be COSMETICAL items, not affecting the game in itself, while you're basically used to EA and the similar with their constant DLC being parts of the game and giving advantages to people, well I will stop arguing here seeing as none of you even seem to understand my viewpoint.
  3. I get aggressive when people expect to get something that several people have spent months creating - for free. Seriously bro, take a deep breath. Good, now reflect on your posts in this thread, focus on the fact that there are major flaws in your logic and try to find them. You are wrong, everything this thread is about is wrong, and you really should abandon it and stop embarrassing yourself. I refuse to believe that anyone is unable to see how messed up this is, you're momentarily blinded by sudden onset stupidity (I honestly mean no offense with this, it happens to the best of us, in
  4. I'm.... I'm just not gonna bother. Wow. I get agressive when there's things seriously hindering my progress in games, particularly when I have no way to actually bypass that restriction, progression is about facing NEW things and beating them, not just facing the same thing constantly but stronger, that's not progression, that's just increased difficulty.
  5. So you're mad because you got exactly what you paid for and now there are additional expansions available that you can't afford? Your logic is seriously flawed bro. Besides, if you're not going to pay Trendy for their work, why would they care whether you continue playing? Companies need paying customers. You paid like 12 dollars for this game and you got LOTS of game for your money. You have absolutely no reason to complain what so ever. Just because there's new content doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the old. Maybe I should write an angry email to Activision about how all the
  6. The difficulties are not what I want, it's the maps, but I think it is sad really that the game now is pretty much 50%< DLC at this point, and the challenge maps are barely even entertainment, it's just 3 maps, you cannot expect someone to just play around with 3 maps for a year without it growing dull, if they're gonna sell it on steam still they should propably add a tag or something with "Most of this game is DLC" or something, seeing as most of the maps at the current time are avalible through DLC only, why not just make it free to play and make even more DLC without adding anything to
  7. I was wondering wether the DLC currently containing roughly 50% of the game's maps is going to be free at all, I have been gone from dungeon defenders for a long time and it just seems to stupid that now roughly half of the game or more is exclusively DLC, while the DLC are cheaper than most it still proves a pain for those who have no way of buying the DLC, for me it has just destroyed my thoughts about continuing to play Dungeon Defenders really, about half the game is out of bounds for me, including maps, lots of loot, 5 heroes(I know, 4 of them are alternates, but the barbarian is not an a
  8. Either theese are about 0.000001% chance rolls and he got lucky or they are hacks, as far as I know getting no negatives with that high stats is impossible, but could never know since the new tier came.
  9. Melee is better for groups, ranged has more stable DPS over range and is a great ogre killer, depends on what you want really, I use melee myself because of the base damage being easier to get high with a fast weapon, like a gunblade.
  10. click on the button saying "view shops", should show all the AFK shops. EDIT:I just realized I answered the wrong question, sorry but I dont think there's a way.
  11. The game is filled with idiots, just like almost every other game, deal with it and do not use quickjoin for god's sake.
  12. I agree, I don't believe its too hard to no be implemented. Don't we see DLC coming out everyday. Expansions too, multiplayer maps, and etc? what makes Trendy's games SOOO much harder to program DLC for. I don't understand nor will I pretend too, but I don't see why we haven't gotten at least patches, or something. I see plenty of patches for ****tier games. =( Trendy do not consist of rich as hell people capable on sending perfectly coded DLC for consoles, it has to be recoded, plus if they are to work properly they will need to include the previous updates aswell.
  13. Get one with +66 tower boost and you should boost your towers by 660% in damage unless they are restricted by some silly cap or something.
  14. They are not really improving their reputation by having all the DLC be premium, the season DLC I can handle, but seriously? first heroes DLC, wich is NOT cosmetic, wich is what DLC really should be IMO if it is paid, and now you are going to make the largest and most expected expansion to the game yet paid DLC? damn, you're working real hard on ruining your reputation Trendy.
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