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  1. Didn't read the whole thread, but to me the problem with being kicked "at the last second" (host abusing his powers to kick) sounds like a made up/constructed problem. In all my years in dd2 it never happened to me. What made me - and probably a lot of other players along with me - not want to play public was the lack of kicking options and thus rendering myself totally into strangers hands. I guess many people join other people's maps because they don't have the needed builders to build it solo. The host needs the control of the team if he is to enjoy building maps for others to profit. If not, you will simply perpetuate the problem of good players shunning away from public games. This is not good for DDA. My advice is to not make the team control functions (kick, invite etc) to elaborate and complicated. Dictatorship is fine in certain games, DDA included. My suggestion to players who get unfairly treated is to blacklist the host, and find another host to play with. Or make your own maps if you are able.
  2. Power creep is not a wholly bad thing. If there was no power creep, and everything stayed the same difficulty level no matter how much you leveled, that would be a completely boring game. It is a game, not reality, and people need catering to their egos to appreciate the game. Although several of you have talked for a nerf quite eloquently I find it strange to turn a whole game upside-down just because of some wish to use the blockades. I don't understand why that would make the game any more interesting, and it seems like an extreme intervention for the sake of blockades. I'd rather they fix buff-beams, but that would probably only add fuel to your fire when it comes to power creep issues :) I have not reset yet, and im currently beyond floor 100. I'm going to continue as far as I can before resetting. My FA do 600k dps tier 1, and I do nowhere near 2b dps on my hero (albeit it is a barb and not a monk). The game is providing me with an adequate challenge every wave, and I often have to retry. I find that enjoyable because it makes it a learning experience. I use blockades as a niche tool, and I'm glad it is there in my tool kit. I don't want it to be more prominent. Grinding materials in c7 and lower is of course a complete AFK-fest, but that is not the place I keep looking for challenges. It's like the beginner area (or end of it), and the rewards are not great enough to justify making that content harder. I suspect I will hit a wall in onslaught based on my stats and capabilities in not too long, and if resetting didn't make things easier for me down the line, why on earth would I do a reset in the first place? Ancient Power Reset is a wanted power creep put into a system.
  3. Question: a 10/10 tenacity mod on a c7 relic - will it turn to a 100% when i upgrade it to c8? Do I need to fully upgrade the c8 relic to make it 100%?
  4. Im interesting in trying double ramsters (one builder with poison, one with earth). My logic is that ramsters are an efficient delivery method, and you should, in theory, be able to stop entire lanes like that, while also doing dmg. What do you guys think?
  5. I think you guys misunderstand me. Im of course not talking about some limitation to how many heroes you can create, but how many are available for you to quick swap to during waves (F1-F4). I would like to be able to quick swap to more heroes than just 4 during building and waves.
  6. A couple of suggestions: 1. In DD2 there are only 4 hero-slots, and often I need those slots to be filled by builders. It is timesaving to have these 4 on quickslots, but I often find myself wishing for a 5th or even 6th slot. This is especially true when you can't rearrange the "all heroes" position (see next point). I suggest that you make a reasonable balance in the quick slots so that you can have room for your most common builders on a hotbutton, and with room for 1 dps during the rounds. 2. I miss the feature of being able to rearrange the order of all your heroes. This hasn't been implemented in DD2, and I hope you can make sure to implement it in DDA.
  7. What I want Good group-leader functionality (kick). The one who starts the map owns it. Be able to easily switch between hiding and opening the map for additional players. Survival runs I want the top-down strategy view of the summoner from dd1 (and I want the summoner from dd1) DDA should be tower-focused like DD1. Good inventory and management functions. Rare superloot (items that roll past the normal values) to keep you chasing Support roles like "upgrade jester" and boost monk Make pets more interesting just like in DD1 Genie- and djinn pets + vanwolvenstein Wheel o' fortuna with kill % and heal towers and players What I dont want I dont want DDA to be a hero focused game. It should primarily be a tower focused game. DD2 became way too focused on heros. I don't want maps to last longer than an hour. Make them more intense, but not longer Not too many bosses (some here and there is fine, but too many of them and you turn DDA into hero focus again)
  8. More variation in drops. More interesting and effective pets and pet abilities (like mana pets from dd1) that drop in certain maps. Right now you grind certain chaos levels for shards, but shards are too generic. I want cool weapons, cool armors and pets that can have really powerful stats if you are lucky.
  9. The original heroes are just a handful, and the game has added more than double the amount of heroes. Still, we have just the same 4 quick slots. Because of the diversity of heroes we need at least a couple of more quickslots to compensate for it.
  10. f5-f12 are not used in game as far as i know, and I agree they should be assigned to more quick hero slots!
  11. I'm still using WM's (3 nodes per lane unless cursikaze), a tree and a single bee. For kursikaze I use a tree and 4-6 bees depending on the type of mobs. I use PDT now and again, but usually the WM+bee more than sufficient.
  12. I am approaching onslaught 114, and I have yet to see a single 5 green mod. I dust most of the shards I get because they are all "the wrong ones". Destruction, rate and range shards are too rare if you ask me (which is exacerbated by me being unlucky). I don't feel rewarded for doing anything in the game right now. The legendary gear is mostly sold, and I have to manually go through every single piece of gear and relics (from blue to lego) to check for mods. Where are the rewards, exactly? Seems to me that there are none left..?
  13. Nice. I was looking for something like this.
  14. I don't think you need to have OCD to benefit from better party leader tools... ;)
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