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  1. I returned to check the new summoner out. Didn't really feel great, unfortunately. The ogre wall is too expensive, and I don't see the point. The archer priority list also feels strange. An ogre can stand there and hit 4 archers, and yet only 1 or 2 are shooting at him. I also miss the way I could click the map to quickly teleport my view to that location.
  2. The inventory is full of bugs. To get to your equipped items, iirc, I had to hold the left stick down to get to bag options, then B to exit that menu, and then your cursor is placed in your equipped items
  3. I just randomly heard on juicebags youtube channel that switch is supposedly being updated today, but I cant find any offical info on in here on the dd website. Where is the post where this info is revealed?
  4. It might not be the issue for you, but I can image other people with lower power stats will have issues when combined with the new shortned range.
  5. Regarding your second point, I absolutely agree. I dont know why the heroes need to have different hp scaling. They have different abilities, and one should be able to pick any one of them to dps on if one wanted. You might get away with it on something like a monk, but you would need to play flawlessly, and kite kite kite. I havent seen it done though. When it comes to the ranged nerf, it might be that this change hits new players more than people who are already established with high stats. If you are at 10-11k mainstat, then I found that my ranged was actually very low - close t
  6. Ok, so let me follow up by how it went later today: I found that my ranged stat was a bit too low now that the wisps' range had been nerfed by 20%. I moved some gear around and reduced my power by 500 and increased my ranged by 1.5k. That did wonders. That allows the wisps to operate pretty similar to what they did pre-nerf. The boss is able to two shot me with 1.45m hp and 8% hp regen. Face tanking isnt really an option anymore, so what I do now is to strafe backwards kiting him while shooting. When he leaps towards me, I use the F ability to leap forward under him, avoiding his slam wh
  7. Well current builds doesnt work for me in two-man setup. The wisps' range was nerfed by 20%, so a couple of ups is needed. I used to be able to just upgrade the beams to max for the first round of the keep, but that isnt feasible any more - at least for me in a two-man. So I up the beams to 3 and the wisps to 2 stars, and the results are still iffy. Usually the mages one-shots my cores now. I assume this is because the wisps cant get to the djinn and the mages get buffed. However, after much a do, we finally got to the boss, and I almost got 1 shot by his normal swings. I have 1m
  8. Isnt it very strange that the switch is the reason they needed to set a firerate cap on the game, yet this feature is not available for the switch atm..?
  9. Any news on when we're getting the next chapter patch on switch? I see no point in playing on switch until we get this.
  10. Well I highly doubt that the cap on attack rate has anything to do with Sirens. They clearly explained why they had to cap it for it to work on the switch, and that they dont have the staff to maintain to strains of the game (ie one uncapped strand for pc, and 1 capped for the switch). I do feel they are a bit amateurish when it comes to the switch launch, but then again - they ARE newbies to the switch eco system. AFAIK this is the first title for the switch in their portfolio. As a customer, I am bummed. I purchased it, but it doesnt do me any good. Im not playing it until
  11. Also, the patch notes states: Fixed an issue where only Giraffes were dropping from victory chests on Boss Survival Waves. However, I just did the demon lord on massacre, survival, hc rifted, wave 25, and got a giraffe. The wisps seemed to be working fine until then, but went to sleep during the bonus wave. So two problem: wisps, and the giraffe is still dropping from boss.
  12. They sit there and do nothing. Unplayable.
  13. I was pretty bummed when I saw that the new patch wasnt available for switch. When is the ETA for it?
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