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  1. Has the game been released for switch yet, or if no - when?
  2. Ok so I just returned to DDA, and im trying to get used to the EV and her overclock beam. It's extremely twitchy when it comes to what it counts as being on the beam, and what it doesnt. I placed a beam with 6 DST in my initial build. Then, unfortunately, a rift delf destroyed two of my dst, and the beam went down. So trying to place the beam again is like 20 minutes of Frustration. Even if the beam is actually TOUCHING one of the DST, that DST isn't receiving the clock buff. Could you please consider tweaking the mechanics here so placing and replacing a beam isn't so increadibly frust
  3. How do I rearrange the list of heroes I can select from? Ie, I have a lot of heroes, and some I have to scroll to the bottom to find. I want to place it higher on the list, but I cant seem to figure out how to do it..?
  4. Im a returning player. I noticed the new ui elements of the towers. Looks better, but I cant get some of the towe hp bars to show. Seems to be a problem when I have several towers/traps etc close together (not overlaid, but close). I can only see the tower hp bar from certain angles. Also, Towers taking damage and getting reduced hp do not show from afar when Im looking around. Only the hp bar of the tower im looking at/closest to me tends to show. So I can show hp bars that are full because the tower is closest to me, but my walls might be about to go down but the hp bar will not show.
  5. I feel the hero deck from dd2 was much better than this iteration.
  6. The CEO of Chromatic said it would "come by the end of next week", which is either today, saturday or sunday. He also said they would update us if there were any delays. I dont know if Im the only one feeling this way, but I dont enjoy playing on legacy and "play normally" because even though Chromatic said that "most gear will be ported over", they also acknowledged that stats have changed. I am decked out with gear that has well over 300 upgradelevels on all my chars, and I dont know how they will handle that. Will they "shrink" my gear so it fits in with the new system, or will
  7. According to last weeks open letters and video stream we can expect a tool to port us over from legacy to play within this week. Augie also said that if there was to be any delays or it would arrive sooner Chromatic would keep us updated. It is now friday of the week the tool should arrive, and I am expecting some updated info. Thank you!
  8. Chat is such a fundamental part of the game, and yet it feels like the devs have not prioritized getting it fixed. Only at the release was the chat bug fixed that caused it to never keep scrolled to the bottom. However, 4 new bugs have been added - see list above.
  9. Strange. For me it is the oposite. B4 I had lag starter from maybe wave 16 or so and it would get progressively worse towards the end waves. I would have LAG if I was guest, and I would have terrible FPS if I was host. If I played solo the game would run ok. Now it seems ok both in multiplayer and solo, though I only tried it from later waves with one other person.
  10. If I have 4 builders in my deck and I want to swap them out for maybe a hero dps, or maybe some leveling alts, then the amount of clicking and right clicking and just plain fiddling to get it done is pretty bad. Steps: 1. Press H on keyboard 2. Mouse to heroslot to swap 3. Right click 4. Left click on Swap 5. Mouse to hero you want to select 6. Right click 7. Left click to select Repeat for each hero slot you want to swap With the time limitation on campaign this is like 15 seconds operation which is WAY to much! Also, hero slot 2 doesn't work properly, and you hav
  11. The offer to transfer your chars to play from legacy is an OPTION, so if you dont like it and want to start afresh you can do so. The rest of us can copy and get on with it :) I think it is the best solution given the circumstance.
  12. I think it is a good move. I understand they dont have the tools ready to do so now. For me that means that I wont play DDA until the tool is ready.
  13. Fuck the price, I dont mind. Whatever brings more people to the game is good. They get more money and I get more people to play with. Win win. I do feel backstabbed by their move to put all my efforts the last months into legacy mode. It's not like this is impossible to forsee, so they should have thought about it way back when they announced it wouldnt be a wipe. Then I could make an informed decision to not play much untill release knowing that my efforts wouldn't be worth it before actual release. Instead, I feel burned out right at the get go, and it feels really bad! This should be a cele
  14. I cant understand that all this negative publisity is better for the game than letting EA players keep their progression on the normal play servers?
  15. Chromie, do you know that when right clicking and selecting swap on hero slot 2 it doesnt work the first time. You have to do it twice to swap in a hero in that slot. This is not an issue for any of the 3 other hero slots.
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