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  1. I just feel that the transition into NM mode feels pretty lousy at the moment. The DU for each map dont allow for proper defenses against various mobs, ie spiders, sharken and ninjas. The aura range has been halved, and hero dps in nm is like 10% of normal. I got a new weapon for my monk that went to like 26.000 ipwr (up from 10k that I had) yet it feels like nothing when trying to kill ogres and djinns. Im sure this will feel better as I get more gear, but right now everything feels too tight. There is no margin. Im sure the die-hards will love it, though. In my opinion the maps need some more DU to handle the new mobs.
  2. I agree. The devs could also consider implementing a "full speed ahead"-mode for those repetitive grinds.
  3. To add to this I can say that I do not have any of these issues when playing solo or together with my alt on a 2nd pc.
  4. My friend from the US was hosting the game (I live in EU). The lag on my side was escalating throughout the game. Starting from wave 7 or so the lag would get so bad that I couldn't really do anything usefull. Mobs would just die by themselves without towers visibly hitting them. Their movement vector would continue to move them in the direction they were walking even though they were dead. Looked like all the dead mobs were on an escalator... The host, on the other hand, was not facing lag, but increasingly poor FPS. He would hit single digit FPS at the teen levels. I've notice this myself when playing as host together with my friend from the US. As host I would get poor FPS, but as guest I would get internet lag. My FPS was fine though. Also, at one point our core took damage, and on his screen the core would say it had 500ish hp left (down from 2000 on the promenade insane survival), while on my screen all cores were showing full hp. Doing any sort of repair would become impossible, though it seemed easier to repair towers rather than auras. Trying to click repair would not actually start repairing the defense before maybe 10-15 seconds. Moving into an area full of mana would not make the mana come to me. Shooting my gun would not actually shoot projectiles. Also, the repair animation would linger indefinately ontop of any defense that I would repair, including the audio que for repairing.
  5. Well, if you want different multiplayer modes, why don't we go for the obvious first: You can only join a team with 1 hero in your deck. So you have to select what hero that should be, and so must the other 3 in your team. Maybe this multiplayer mode needs a 5 man team instead of 4. The team leader should be able to adjust the LFM text in the browser on the fly, so it can reflect what sort of heroes they are looking for.
  6. I absolutely agree. Some of my friends live in different timezones from me, and they can be doing other stuff when I start my game up in the afternoon. It becomes a hassle playing together - both because of not being able to join a game that is already running, but of course also because of the multiplayer resets that's been happening (another matter though). Please let us join a game that is already running no matter what wave it is. The limitation that is right now is subtracting from the game experience without adding much value.
  7. I thought everyone knew this already... Sorry. In any case, the ui for hero swapping beyond the 4 hero slots is archaic and needs some work.
  8. Yes, I agree. This part of the UI is obviously a placeholder. It's way too clunky and convoluted.
  9. Im a bit confused. Yesterday, coming home from work in the afternoon (16 CET) I did a promenade insane survival. Several times the core exploded from ninjas. Sometimes wave 9, sometimes wave 19. Then I took a dinner break, and shut steam down. When logging back in, steam updated DDA. According to juicebags and the people in his channel, including someone on the inside of CG (at least that's what I understood), they said there was no patch at that time. Nevertheless, the ninjas were well behaved after that. I had no issues with ninjas, and successfully completed the map till the end of wave 25. I guess I was just lucky then, and next time I might experience ninja aggroing the cores again.
  10. It's great that you've implemented a kick option for the map owner right from the get go with DDA. However, it feels really bad getting kicked from almost all the games I join. The reason is that people want to be able to have their friends join in whatever wave of the map they are on - I guess. There are less restrictions on when you can join on public maps. We need the feature from DD1 that allowed you to toggle between public and private. People should be allowed to play however they like, but then there should also be an option to hide the session from the browser if you changed your mind and want to have it private. Ie. in DD1 I liked to start the first wave on private so I didn't get any competition for the mana, especially since there was a build timer similar to DDA. When the base build was complete I would open it to public so people could join. Was a great, unstressfull way of dealing with random players of various skill levels and including them into maps they might otherwise not have been able to do.
  11. Just remember that the end game will be on the mode beyond nightmade. That is where experienced players will be, and where new players want to be to get in the action together with their friends. Having a slow grind to get to the fun part is something I hope the devs are wary of. This is true of many grinding games, including titles like wow. Yes, the first time you play the leveling up is a part of the journey, but the more experienced you are, leveling up new heroes shouldn't be a chore. You're not doing it to experience the leveling process, but as a necessity to get to the end game. It's a delicate balance.
  12. The patch we got on saturday was great! The ninjas did 0 damage to the core, and so they were only a nuisance for defenses but not instant core killers like before. Today's patch reintroduced them as core killers. They are super agile, and jump over your defenses no matter how tight your walls are placed. I wish they would have their core damage reverted to zero. They should be a real nuisance for players, but I don't like it when they superjump and just kill the core and thus the gameplay. Doesn't feel like something I can control or prevent. It gives too much gameplay focus to this one type of mob.
  13. Idont agree with OP. The problem is describing about multiplayer is really not an issue. You simply make your own public game and build yourself. If someone wants you to sell and let them build you tell them no. You even have a kick option.
  14. So I have two steam accounts with two purchases of DDA, but 1 installation of the game. So on my orginal account I have leveled my chars to 73. When I purchased the game for my husband yesterday on our 2nd steam account, when he launched the game he had the same exact characters as me, all level 73. I don't think this is intended from Chromatic. It kinda robbed him of the early game experience. PS! All the items were duped as well. All the items I had in my inventory and on my chars were duplicated.
  15. The dynamism of DPS and projectile speed is interesting. By changing projectile speed you do not change the fire rate of the tower. Why would increasing the p.speed be overpowered? The thing that would change the most is the tower being able to change focus more effectively, but it wouldn't change anything for a lane with constant pressure. If the focus point of the tower stays the same the dps of the tower would be unchanged. That would only increase if the tower spewed out more fireballs in the same time period (defense rate) - but that is not the topic of this thread.
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