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  1. What you see with the monk aura for a millisec is the critical hit, not the frost boost. It does not work on dummies. oh, well thats stupid :p dummies still useless :)
  2. It does work on dummies, at least with the monk lightning aura but you only get to see it a millisecond every few seconds xD
  3. I've had this problem too and i think the solution is simple: the game should check if the players opened their mana chest. If not and the next round starts just kick the afk players.
  4. Isn't the system like in diablo3? I'm just inveting these numbers now but when you play a heroe you have 80% chance to drop something for that heroe specifix and 20% chance for all other loot.
  5. I think you best bet is completing a map and hoping for a legendary lootchest. I've found two monk weapons with the passive, both from the chest. Outside the chests I've found none...
  6. If it was a private game, it's lost forever. If it was a public one, with some luck and if you're fast so one else joined, you can reconnect. I've had the same problem with not being able to find a game after a disconnect, I think is a bug? In my experience the best thing to do is completely exit the game and restart.
  7. I still have 1M gold, too scared to spend because I know it's a pain in the *** to gain gold in this game :D
  8. I totally agee. For me what's fun in this game is the grind and gear. Besides that the the communication with other players. But since four man has become impossible, I'm grinding solo witch makes this game a lot less fun.
  9. People are way to negative is seems. This game is still in Alpha, we are here to test the game for release. So if you don't have fun, I think you should just step away from the game. Come back later when more things are fixed. In the meantime, diehards like me will keep playing and testing so you guys will have a better expierence later on :D
  10. I really like the heroe builds and passives but can you guys give us an example for a hero dps build? For the huntress maybe?
  11. I think the best thing to do is complete all these toppics one by one instead of doing everything at the same time. Completely finish something and then move on to the next one so the community can give you some good feedback. keep tweeking something untill it's done
  12. I really like the system with the bonus exp and loot for completing 5 different maps but the loot here too is not that rewarding. I've been trying to upgrade my app weapon for the frost fire build. If you complete these maps, you indeed get more and better loot but not the loot you want. Shoudn't we get more rewarded for completing this quest with heroe specific loot. I'm only getting the huntress and the monk weapon :(
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