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  1. so i downloaded the Steam version of DD2 and i Keep getting kick out of Multiplayer Lobby when getting done with any Missions and start Loading Lobby this come up every time what File am i Missing?
  2. So why can you use EV2 Buff Beam on a Buff Beam in a T Shape that like a Monk stacking his Boost Aura you can get more output when useing all of them make a T Shape useing 2 Buff Beam and 1 Boost Aura http://imgur.com/E0fvUCQ http://imgur.com/a/99pe7 if the image didnt not come up try the links
  3. the build i made was an AP/Attack/Pet Encouragement for my Lavamancer and now its not working Encouragement will not give me any Mana back at all
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