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  1. Tower versatility, essentially. Later on it would be quite hard to do some of the higher level maps with just one type of towers. (This was the case in DD1, too.) Just by having those different tower types you can create more strategies, have more flexibility, and just have an overall easier time. In terms of leveling I'd suggest getting one character to 50 first. Then level your second character to 50 and so on. Each level 50 in your hero deck apparently gives an experience bonus to the other heroes in your deck.
  2. After the patch I logged in today to find that not only has my monthly mission been reset, but the two daily missions I had been saving to finish tonight have been removed completely! (Not reset like the monthly one, just gone. :( ) Was this a side-effect of whatever bug caused the monthlies to be reset?
  3. Thanks so much! Now that I know that there's only a small difference between Powerful and Legendary pets.(1,800 vs 3,000 DPS) I won't feel bad about buying a cash shop pet, or for choosing a pet by its looks! :D
  4. I have the same problem! Have you owned DD1 for a long time/have you had your forum account since then? That's all I've been able to guess as the culprit for 500 posts randomly being tagged on to my count.
  5. Thanks a lot! If you're willing, can you add in a list of maps to farm on Free Play Hard for leveling? Or are they all about equal? Both with and without the daily bonus? I read somewhere that the "best" was Wyvern Den until it got nerfed into the ground. So now I'm not so sure which ones to do. :/
  6. Thanks so much for the info! I've figured that Empowerment is the same across all of the pets. When you mention DPS, are you referring to the pet's displayed attack damage (ex: My pet displayed having a 358 Attack Damage.) Or the DPS displayed on a Target Dummy? (ex: That same pet uses 3 projectiles each doing 358 for a total of 537 DPS on a target Dummy due to its attack speed.) I'm sorry for being so persnickety about this, I'd just really like to know for sure since the people I've asked have had different stances on the matter! My first batch of eggs hasn't even rotted yet so I can't test evolutions myself for quite some time. :/ And then I won't be able to make a proper opinion on buying a cash shop pet! For instance, if you mean target dummy dps then the difference would feel negligible to me. But, if you mean the pet's attack damage then that could be quite significant!
  7. Are you playing on the PC? If so, to drop build mana you're supposed to hit "M." Can you elaborate on what "Scroll Back" is? Sorry, I've just heard people use that term for a variety of things like the mouse wheel, the backspace key, or even the "page down" key. Have you messed with your keybinds at all?
  8. For Empowerment stats there is 0 difference. But when it comes to their attack stats I haven't been able to establish a solid conclusion. Here's what I got from looking at the re-roll ranges for a pet of each rarity type.: Green/Powerful - Voodu - 107 to 240 Blue/Epic - Bitterwick - 61 to 213 Pink/Mythical - Green Eyes - 151 to 191 Orange/Legendary - Serpentagon - 216 to 276. To me anyway, it looks like those values are more tied to either the pet's race/type OR the number of projectiles they have. I can't do any research on whether or not there's a difference in evolution scaling between the rarities. But from what I've been able to gather (as a low level noob with a small pool of resources to test this on) there doesn't seem to be a difference.
  9. there could easily be some factors im not aware of, but my powerful evilwick has lower damage bounds than my epic evilwick of exactly the same power level That's exactly why I'm asking. I have a Powerful Voodu that is immeasurably stronger than my Legendary Serpentagon. I've burned about 5 rerolls of each type (10 in total) on the legendary pet believing that due to its legendary status it would inevitably become stronger than my Powerful one. I then started wasting even more rerolls on other quality pets and recording the ranges that numbers could be rolled between. I've learned since that regardless of rarity, a pet will always have the same roll range for Empowerment stats. (To a max of 50.) Whereas rolling a pet's attack stats seems to have mixed results. (Ex: My mythical pet's maximum damage rolls were lower than the powerful and epic ones that I have tried, yet it was lower than the legendary's.) This could be due to a number of things, pet type, (creeper/dragon/gato) number of projectiles, ect. I lack the resources to delve into evolving the pets to see if perhaps there is a power difference when it comes to evolving a legendary vs evolving a powerful pet. (Ex: A legendary pet's stats could increase by 8x for each evolution whereas a powerful's might only gain a 3x bonus.)
  10. Thanks for the reply, I'll look into leveling up a tower Apprentice to deal with the Kobolds!
  11. 1. Can you please clarify if pet rarity correlated to a pet's power? (Ex: A Legendary pet is stronger than a Powerful one.) Lightning Version: Are Legendary pets stronger than Powerful pets? 2. Will the Countess, Adept, Ranger, and Initiate be introduced? If so, will they be unique heroes or skins for their counterparts? Lightning: To help with auto-filling issues, will we eventually get an option to auto-sell equipment of certain rarities each wave? (Ex: Check-mark boxes next to the "Autoloot" one.) Lightning: Are there plans to release new Uber Spheres?
  12. Could be a bug, I'd try fully evolving it first, maybe it technically won't get its mouth until it's an Elder?
  13. SID: Sohalia (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044365850/) SID: ikeblade (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041158111) [Partner # 1] SID: Epitagh (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035717488/) [Partner #2]
  14. How much exp did you get per each run? Not sure, but I promise you it's enough, we're constantly taking level 0 characters into there and getting them to 74 after a full run.
  15. Not sure if this will be helpful to you, but my boyfriend and I leveled our characters from 70-74 in Glitterhelm Insane Survival, we got some giraffes from it, too. On the later waves, especially if you put it on Hardcore you can get some Mythics, too. (Can't say for what quality they are, but eh.)
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