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  1. So just by pure chance, my friend noticed today, that you can switch your tavern to the gilded version of it, when you are in the secret room and interact with the VIP cake. She was like "woah, everything is golden", but it didn't change for me. Obviously, I went into the room as well and pressed "e" at the cake, which then made the tavern golden. I'm just wondering: Is it intended, that only the person who interacts with the Cake in the room sees the tavern? I feel like, it should be Only be changable by the host of the tavern Have all of the visitors see your "theme"
  2. Can someone please explain me what these icons mean? Or where I can find an explaination for those icons? I noticed a 4th one but havn't screened it yet. thanks
  3. Hey dear fellows, someone up for a quick rundown of those two maps? Would like to learn how to build / run them (and therefore i need a BF drill). You could help a fellow defender :) Just tell me. // Is there a steam-group or something where I can ask otherwise? anyone ingame who is able to help?
  4. O_o really i thought its a council to discuss important things on DD or something like that xD That is what it was used for, indeed. But that related to DD2. Trendy + the Council made up ideas, discussed them in a private forum and yeah...
  5. So, first of all: I want to give a huge shoutout to the community of DD (1). This includes the Community-Dev-Team, which really amazes me with the content they come up with. Wonderful graphics, events and so on. However, I'd also like to thank every player here in the forums for beeing a nice communtiy-member. I finished DD1 2-3 years ago, but never forgot the gameplay in first place. After getting back to it, I was really amazed and surpised, how kind you people are. Compared to the DD 2 community, this is a whole new level. Enough of that, time for some questions :P So, when I stopped pl
  6. Hey defenders, is there a way, if you hover over an item, to check both equipped weapons for a barb? Or is it only the primary one? Also, is there anything like a hotkey to change the slots for the weapons? The Series EV can switch with "X", but she is only able to use one weapon at a time. thanks for any hints :)
  7. Thank you so much Moonwalk :) That really helped me a lot :) One final question though: you get them from one of the newer maps Moonbase for taking the fish and after that reaching a score of 42 on the dance machine. wat? xD I just tried to look it up on YT, but taking a fish? Dancemachine? // nevermind, I just found it ... lol
  8. Signatures? Thats a thing you want? Gimme an FTP-Access and I'll add your signature-feature till friday :D
  9. Hey fellow defenders, I currently on my way back to DD1 and so I'm checking the forums to get a heads-up. I stopped here and I have some questions regarding the stuff people say, for example: Trading Cubes - Obvious, didn't change at all, but how can people have > 600 cubes? (saw it in an offer) Is there a way to farm them now? Diamonds - Okay. The pets you get form the coal-thingy, once you reach 88, but what do those numbers stand for? (5 / 10 / 15) ? ToT - Something on a threadmill? Where to farm those and was is the initial T stand for? Event-Items - Okay, should be clear. There is no
  10. Hey guys, sorry, but I lost track of DD1. I havn't played in a while and just restarted from the scratch a few days ago. DD2 couldn't impress me :( But even after checking the forums, I can't follow. So, there is a thing called Community-Development, even in a subforum. I saw 4 new Achievements over the time (which I guess have to be the last ones added). There are events and an upcoming patch somewhen. Is this all done by the community and freelancers? Do I have to enable this "closed" mode when starting to participate in those things? (Like the event for nightelf-hunting or so). Does trend
  11. I have a question regarding this: Increasing Hearty Blockade per-piece maximum from 20% to 25% to achieve comparatively same maximum health as before this update. What do you mean by this? It was +5% hero-health (max) before. What does the new 25% stand for? What referes the former 20% to? Also: Shields now have an exception to generate with Hearty Blockade Wait, what? It was dropping it before the bug occures, right? Now this is an exception? It was in the game, got buggy and wasn't droppable anymore and now it is an exception so it can drop again? So just "shields can have this passive",
  12. Many people, including me, complained about the lack of presence during the past few weeks of trendy, specially when watching at different topics on the board. I know, they were on their (well deserved) vacation, so no answer there were acceptable. But even before, just rarely a trendy-dude answered. Right now, I had look over the topics and in almost every thread there is an "E". I don't know about you, but that is way more satisfying for me than before. Seeing that people are heard, a way more familiar relation between the team and the players and so on. Please keep this attitude and inv
  13. Minority? Onslaught-Threads, Uber-spheres, lack of endgame, Hero Deck? sure, just a few players...
  14. I'm pretty confident, people would sign an NDA and work on a free base (or lets say gems as a reward) to code for them. There are plenty of (game)-developers out there, freelancing or even in this forum. For myself, I'd help as good as I can with some coding stuff. It hasn't be the core mechanic, it can be small fixes. Adjusting health or passives isn't something you have to read for months. (depending on the documentation) :P But yeah, I agree with you, gigazelle. There are changes in every patch (as I already said), but the major problems still remain. Indeed it can't be accomplished in ju
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