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  1. It's mostly my attitude that needs an upgrade atm :P It just takes a little more time and effort to get to the point where you have kickass gear than Diablo 3, where it was alot easier. The current gameplan is to level one of each to 74 (working on EV/Summoner), when I'm done with that I will check for some money strats. You can't "just buy" mythical gear for ~4 toons with 60mil :P. The map I chose for the XP was Insane Glitter HC, easy enough with the stats listed below. Edit: Useful side information about my characters: 75 Monk (200/700/200/300) and 74 Apprentice (200/500/300/300) are m
  2. My pref for xp is from surv so I can build once and afk let it run (just coming back to start next wave). That way I can do things while the toons grind out their levels. Just did this, wave 18-21 (couldnt start any higher), didn't really give great XP, probably due to my settings. I had Alch Labs Insane (no MM, no HC), and I'm pretty sure you can get more XP with those on. Still, From level 28-35 for 4 x 2400 mobs isn't that super fast though :b
  3. Ah, I see, thanks for the great replies. Might actually start DD up again after all :) Last time I played was, whew, there was alot of complaining about spiders and I think the sharks were about to be released. My average DD day would start with Insane Alch survival HC (not on MM, too choatic - unfarmable imo), first 18 waves or so would involve clicking ready every other 20min. After that you would pick up all items from the ground, check if any were good after the round was over and repeat untill some arrow got through :b Like I said, thanks for the replies, hopefully I'll get as enthusias
  4. I was thinking of leveling both a Summoner (Minion, I guess?) and a Series EV (Tower) with glitter hard, because I know that map. When they get max level I should get some gear for them (and my other guys, which' highest stats are ~700 TDPS) and I have to think about doing Insane AlchLabs Survival for 6hour straight, and then I just lose all interest. Is this 'dead zone' changed (read: not fixed, but changed - like other maps or modes) over the past 8 months?
  5. Like the OP, I came back 2 days ago aswell. Saw the -75% in price for about 15 new DLC's and I couldn't resist. It's kind of overwhelming now though. There's 3 new classes I have to level (not knowing which are good :b) and tons of gear I have to farm. I guess 50 million isn't alot mana now anymore, heh.
  6. export = copy, your char will still be on the Ranked server.
  7. Legit. Also: spend your upgrades on +projectiles.
  8. You can't AFK because, well, you have to press G about 20 times. But also because, even on medium, you will have to repair your defences (more than you think) and kill Dark Elf Warriors by yourself. Get ready mister, there's trouble headed your way :B Get ready. For 4-hour-long grindfest! :D
  9. Goddanm I feel sorry for Finally who has to post - every - danm - day, that if you are unsure you should post in the 'report a player' section and then Trendy will see if it's legit or not. Whoah. I am utterly sad that people cannot see this for themselves when 99% of the new threads consist of 'LEGIT?!" titles. Not trying to do his work, but I cry a little inside every time.
  10. 7 hours? You can do alch lab in 3 hours and if you're lucky some Myth will drop (very very low drop rate). In alch lab was my first own Myth drop with "crap" gear. xD Not really sure how you manage in 3 hours, as I reached wave 22 in about 5 hours and that was with instant-ready when the buildphase began.
  11. Hero chars or hybrid. Basically what he means is that the char you're with during buildphase uses statsticks and the char you use during the combat phase is preferrably a genie or guardian.
  12. Hmm. Any ideas when an item is good enough to pump alot of mana into it? Got myself quite some good pieces from your Endless Spires Nightmare HC runs (get to wave 8/8 all the time, just can't beat it) but I don't know if the items I get there are good enough to spend all my money on. Things I'm wearing now are items like 60 to all towers and 100 to towerdamage in example, with upgrade levels 60 to even 100. After some time I farmed myself to the soft mana cap (200mil) and since I'm not really doing high endgame maps the chance that someone will buy my items isn't that great, seeing that
  13. Beat wave 9 - see "Wave 10" come up before Build phase, delete all towers during that buildphase, start combat phase - die - profit.
  14. Well. NM Survival is pretty brutal. But the gap with just about everything(difficulty, stats, loot) between insane and nightmare is rediculous. It's like in Wow where you would go from lvl 80 to 85 and everyone's healthpool, DPS, got quadrupled.
  15. Was wondering earlier how the range/targetting works on Guardians. It's either: 1. Range = Radius around self. If you have +5 towers boosted you will see 6 nearby towers get buffed in the amount of radius you have. That's what I think it should be. But sometimes I feel that it works like: 2. Radius around nearest/targetted tower. The guardian 'chooses' a tower (nearest?) and up to 5 other towers (6 total) in the area are buffed. This can be bad because if the guardian chooses a tower in the far back the tower in the front might not get the bonus because he's out of range. I just cant fi
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