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  1. Crazy to see people I remember from the good 'ol DD2 days still championing on for this franchise. Anyways, only thing stopping me from wanting to back the 5,000 tier is that, there just isn't too much being offered for a substantial amount of money. 10,000$ tier is laughable and honestly, I want design space not meet the developers. I'd only like to meet Josh (old time community manager), however I've only backed one other successful kick-starter, and at 1,000$ (AUD) i am able to design like 5 things, npc, missions.. etc. Fix up the tiers and you'll probably have more people wanting to spend thousands on this beloved franchise.
  2. Logged in for the first time in a few years to say Goodbye to Josh. Great dude, especially when he used to hang out on Teamspeak with the guild I created when we were all still playing back in 2015 - to early 2016. I noticed he vanished from Steam and figured I'd double check the community forums after all these years to see if he was still working as the community manager.
  3. Care to elaborate a little more? because i don't know what you mean by Purge evil and frosty power. Are there any links for info on these? A player from the defence council not knowing about the most basic unique equipment, I don't believe that. If you are serious, play the game not the forums. I've got over a thousand hours in the game and only have just returned and I didn't know what frosty powers was. Don't assume every single defense councilor plays the game religiously.. I've taken over a 9 month break and only just returned 5 days prior to the launch of abyss lord. Don't care if the response is irrelevant or late on my part. Read your post and had to quote and reply.
  4. [[10718,hashtags]] for not testing anything at all. Just sitting there playing the game earlier then the rest of us.
  5. [[4370,users]] do you want to chime in and alleviate my pain for no tower skins yet? you know you want to, it's your calling! you want to provide me some amazing tower skins in exchange for moolah.. 'yes? i haven't followed anything news related in over 8 months besides the lay offs of former trendy members whenever that happened since i forgot already. I'm just far too lazy to keep updated with everything nowadays, so everybody! if you could kindly provide me with all of your answers, credit card details and where you live i'll greatly appreciate it!
  6. I have like 15,000 gems just sitting there since the collector's edition; for being defense council and other ***. So I'm still waiting for these tower skins to come out from hiding. C'mon Josh, whip your artist team into action so I can have customized towers! ..I'll throw my money into your wallet, not at your screen! [[10702,hashtags]] All seriousness when is the expected arrival of such said feature?
  7. It's okay, I'll be the bigger person here and say what everybody else is thinking. [[10653,hashtags]]. QA team needs to get their *** together. No disrespect to Dani. He is cool.
  8. My question is this. "When do we expect him to be nerfed to the ground?" Item Power: 42 - and i'm killing things on nightmare 2 as if i was geared for it. [[10652,hashtags]] [[10653,hashtags]]
  9. I only want the op. screw the dragon.
  10. No lifer. Get a real job, and a wife. And a life. And a new friend named Sinistar.
  11. You seem familiar to me. Anywho, my advice is to number crunch builds yourself, but if you want to take the easy way out you could always play a game that doesn't require brain thinking power :P For example: DD2 ^^ >> << ><
  12. So where is the link? Does this thread even have a purpose..
  13. I_PASS_BUTTER is one of the confirmed lay offs. Screw this game, that guy was my guild's god. Goodbye [[1342,hashtags]]
  14. What? You don't care about forge color.. how dare you! I hereby sentence you to death. Seriously though, I spent like 300 points wanting to change my heroes from purple to red 'cause it was very important to me.
  15. Well there goes my interest of returning to DD2. DKperfection convince me that there's more to look forward to then just costume content?
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