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  1. I already posted about it and never get an official response from the staff. When i join or create a match i can't move, like the weyboard doesn't work but in the tavern everything works perfecly. My pc is not the best but the game run good in low settings. I already tried to reinstall the game or install it in my laptop but i have the same problem. Here is a video that i shoot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IROGQz1Y-lM&feature=youtu.be, sorry for the quality. Someone has any advice? Thank you.
  2. Today i start the game but i can't get in the main menu, i always get the 5008 error. I tried restart steam, my computer and unistall and reinstall my game but didn't work. What can i do? I already played less than 6 hours ago so i don't know what is the problem.
  3. I play on PC, so i will wait until thursday. Thank you
  4. Hi, i have a problem with the new mastery mode, i can't see the challenges in the ui. I have tried to redownload the game or to see if i have disabled something in settings but all looks fine. What can i do?  https://ibb.co/bUxDgR Thank you 
  5. Hi guys, in the last weeks i have a persistent problem. Every time i'm on a lobby the game quits with this error message, even if i'm in a private session. My internet connection doesn't crash so i don't know where is the problem. 
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