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  1. Hi, since the new patch came out I've been experiencing some minor lag issues. The game doesn't time out, but it will sputter for a second and I'll accidentally fall off a cliff. It seems to not happen in the tavern, mostly during combat during matches. Are there any known issues with latency for this patch? Also, I've also switched to a new ISP right before the patch, so I'm not 100% it's not from my side, are there any in game commands to check my latency in game? Thanks!
  2. I came here with the same question about the ultra spheres. I got the monk one first, it's buggy as hell. If you're going to use the LSA, don't overly rely on them, they periodically bug out and stop attacking. I just got enough for my second, guess I'm just going to horde the tokens for now.
  3. Stupid question, but what does the pet food do?
  4. I'm always seeing ppl talk about it in the tavern, but I can't get anyone to explain to me what it is. I did a quick google search and didn't turn up anything.... So what do ppl mean by legacy gear?
  5. I've noticed it doesn't happen as often when you're not using boost aura's near them, still broke though.
  6. Same problem, occurred in all three new maps. I wonder if it has anything to do with it's proximity to other towers / traps... I don't have time it further tonight.
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