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  1. [[4370,users]] Any way to clear up any confusion as to the shards proper use?
  2. How does the combined power shard work? Does it need to be on both sand viper and serpents coil? or on coil? or on viper? or what?
  3. If you have to be told why making assassins completely immune to all turrets is a stupid idea then I don't have the patience to explain a damn thing to you :) Sorry kiddo
  4. So no more bosses stuck in spawn? (Was rhetorical obviously) I'm so happy I could Squeeeee :)
  5. Thats why I suggest they shouldn't be attacked by towers. What a stupid idea :). Maybe if they didn't chainsilence and there wasn't a perma silence bug they cause If you had read the thread any, you'd know that one of the suggestions is to completely remove their silence because it's unnecessary. Context is important. Please keep it in mind before calling ideas stupid. It's still a stupid idea. Making them an air enemy is more than sufficient
  6. Thats why I suggest they shouldn't be attacked by towers. What a stupid idea :). Maybe if they didn't chainsilence and there wasn't a perma silence bug they cause
  7. I like the idea that assassins exist to prevent AFK, so perhaps work on that? I just really hate the buggy, perma silence / chain silence crap. It isn't fun and forces a very stale style of play
  8. Complete overkill. Just nerf the silence / stun element. In fact I would raise their damage and hp and remove the silence but hey, that's me. Or add a delay to the silence so that you have a second or 2 to deal with them BEFORE they silence you
  9. This is getting real boring now :(
  10. Add me and I can pretty much carry a full 4 man team
  11. Btw just to point out: most of these people only do sewers and have full gear. Sewer assassins are EASY compared to some of the other maps. In addition, I would argue anyone that says playing GW in C5 is good. A GW that can't use abilities is a DEAD GW
  12. Well damn! Many people seem to disagree with me.... Good! If any of you are willing to add me and show me how you use something I consider trash then I'd be really interested to see how it's used. As for the rest, please feel free to add your own comments, this has turned out to be surprisingly positive xD I'll try these out again with the same trinket and ascension allocation as FT'S / PDT'S and reassess my opinion then. Well actually, if you wouldn't mind taking the time to do so, I'd appreciate it. :) Care to share? If anyone has discord and would find it easi
  13. Here is my take on what's viable and what's not. I think many will agree with me on a lot of these points and the purpose here is to highlight a problem that I see in the current game design due to the nerfs to many of the heros as well as the worst character design I've ever seen: The Assassin. I talk a lot about viability. Most of the flaws of each class can only be seen in C5, some in C4. My issue is that by the very nature of the current games balance, there are very few choices available to us in this mode of play. Here is why: General: ALL Traps & Auras hard countered by orcs s
  14. Why are you crying and losing so much sleep over this??? It's a coop game, not a competative one. and your point on cookie cutter builds is kinda moot. Trendy have nerfed everything ever into the ground so ***ing hard and left like 2-3 things untouched: Flame turrets, PDT's & Ramsters. It's not even a case of cookie cutting right now because NOTHING ELSE IS VIABLE
  15. and Slauter24 this one's for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdO4fOAGzsM
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