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  1. Hey,... where can i found the shadow skins and can change the skin at the heroes?
  2. It's a little bit frustrating,... but we all know it is an Alpha-Game and Trendy do a good job :)
  3. That's stupid,... i finished all incursion, all legendary and need 30 skeletons. Now I start again .... ok - only the half. But we have only the half from the month.... so it is a bad solution (for me) and punish the gamer, who invest time in this quest and don't finished it until the bug. :( Edit: Now: 35 Skeletons, 35 Legendary, 10 Incursion in only 11 days (27.Oct.)
  4. The new "Grace Danger Costume Pack" is an effrontery. I know the game is "free2play" at the moment, but all gamer from beginning still pay for the Game (+some Gems). But 23€ ???? - maybe Trendy has a pack with Gems and without,... I pay for Collectors Pack 46€ and now 23€ for this pack.... I know this pack is voluntarily, but no one pay for a fullgame 60€++ (and this pack isn't the last one) :(
  5. Thx for your answer and testing,... i will try some maps with different pets to get some levels :)
  6. Sry,.. for comment this topic - but I have a problem with the affection lvl. I have like 20 pets and try to lvl it... after 5 runs NM1-3, some Onslaught runs and Insane runs i get only 1affection lvl? I try different pets and different maps with different difficulty - only at beginning (before hotfix) i get some levels. - now I hav 17/75 and i don't know, how I could finish this monthly quest :(
  7. Some times ago, I could start a game (e.g. Quick Match - Incursion - Forest Crossroads) after 3 or 4 tries. Now I couldn't start anything. Everytime only "Joining game...." - I wait and wait and wait,... nothing happen. Restart... Trying to join server .... 2 tries and it works and my char stand in the tavern. Next try at the map... I don't have any solution,... i restart the game, i restart steam,... uninstall and reinstall. Nothing works. The problems increase per day and now I couldn't start a game. Sometimes I could join a match over a friend :(
  8. Hey :) I like the system of spheres. But...: Today i buy the ubersphere from mage. First the stats shown are buggy: Normal Flameburst Tower 24.204 DPS New Flamethrower Tower 8 DPS At battles the new Flamethrower Tower is a little bit useless by comparison with my Flameburst Tower. The Flamethrower Tower can't replace the Flameburst Tower or they don't complement each other (for me). - (2 Flameburst Towers are much better than 1 Flameburst and 1 Flamethrower Tower) Maybe we get an usage for the Flamethrower Tower. At dummies: Normal Flameburst Tower 36.124 DPS New Flamethrower To
  9. Yeah,... plz do it. Same prob at my char: loadingtime to social tavern is ok, but after that i try to interact with my Hero Manager, War Recruiter or Defender's Forge. No response at all :( Please fix it or change the default setting to a private tavern :)
  10. Yeah,... plz do it. The loadingtime to social tavern is ok, but after joining I couldn't play anymore. Go to Hero Manager,... press E,... no response,... At Defenders Forge or War Recruiter the same :( Restart game and computer doesn't work. Same problem everytime :(
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