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  1. wait.... as in lawnmower effect you mean how you could just run and swipe away as a monk or something in dd1 and just straight flat iron over all the enemys? That's what i want it to be like that i really loved about the first game. :( Also i didn't see it as op what so ever because you still couldn't win with all 4 people hero or at least to my knowledge you couldn't. and about bosses are you sopose to use heroes to kill bosses? i mean Betsy has 10 mil(or is being buffed to 10 mil) and i do like 5-10 dmg and i don't think that's boss worthy.
  2. Even if you have no idea can you still to try to give an estimate of when new heroes might be released? And also will we be seeing heroes from the last game as adults in this one?
  3. I've been playing my hunter but regardless of who i play i still think hero dps is just compleatly crap and theres no use to playing them.
  4. I'm not sure about others but i loved to play as a hero in dungeon defenders 1. In this game i feel as if heroes do absolutely nothing. Now i'm not sure if in DD 1 that you actually referred to it as unbalanced but i quite liked how i could kill 8 people with 1 swing with my dps monk. but now it takes me like 4 shots to kill a simple goblin. i feel as if heroes have no use at all. And that in order to play the game you have to go tower because that's the only thing that is actually good. Sorry if i'm wrong about anything but all im asking for is mabey...... like a huge buff.... a really big one please :P p.s not sure if the game will ever end out like this but i want it to be able to be completed with heroes with a play style you like to play.
  5. A scorpion pet, wouldent that be pretty cool?
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