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  1. I'll agree that that was stepping over the line on my part, it was just a little thing that I found amusing at the time (best kept to myself clearly). I certainly never intended for it to become the crux of the conversation. I agree that the name thing wasn't and shouldn't be a related to the conversation. I'll drop it, since it won't benefit anyone to continue discussion of it. That is a very bold statement considering all the points that both eagle and I raised in defense over the course of this topic. However, I do stand by my statement, at least in the context of this thread. The
  2. I understand that you're giving reasons as to why Playverse should remain, but as soon as he brought up counter-points to those reasons, the discussion changed from addressing the critical points to addressing his name. His concerns remain on the table, and the reason his views will not change are simply because no one is making the effort to change them. He raises concerns about performance and potential problems with implementing a new service. While his tone was confrontational, the validity of his points still stand: It's doubtful that Trendy will be able to create a large enough infrast
  3. Just as a preface, I'm using my impressions within DDE as a baseline for my assumptions, so if I'm wrong about something, I apologize. From what I understand, Trendy Entertainment are attempting to implement Playverse in a way similar to how Ubisoft implements Uplay. At least with DDE, you're able to purchase the game through Steam, but server-based and community-based interactions are contained within Playverse. The data from Dungeon Defenders 1 are contained within steam alone, and will be left untouched. However, they will have no interaction with future information involved in DDE and
  4. I don't think Unforgiven mentioned anything about Lord_DaS stating something as hackproof. Instead, he mentioned that simply forcing Always Online is not hackproofing, as in the act of protecting something from the potential to be hacked. His actual point of debate is that the reason for Playverse's existence is to reduce hacking, but mentions the lack of anti-cheat in order to support this notion. This entire conversation seems less like a debate, and more like Lord_DaS and EagleOne deliberately taunting Unforgiven. The comment about Unforgiven's name was obviously off-topic and solely used
  5. You can assign it to any of the numbers on your hotkey bar, as if it were a tower.
  6. I'm guessing it's the same thing they did with Halloween. It'll be on the official servers for a week or so, then it'll be available on open. Of course, that's just my guess, and I could be wrong.
  7. 30 DU, limited range with projectiles (About twice assault's range, and this limit also applies to your towers). It's on a timer, you need to kill all the turkeys, and so forth.
  8. [QUOTE]* PvE: Active (non-retired) Heroes boost boost the Damage output of towers they specifically summoned by 33% (indicated via a Hero Face Icon on the tower's floating HUD)[/QUOTE] From the patch notes.
  9. Just a quick question regarding the proximity trap, since I haven't really played with traps until earlier today: What reduces the proximity trap's damage? I've noticed that, while my trap's stated damage is 10k, it tends to do damage between 6~8k instead, depending on the mob. I'd just like to ask what affects the trap's damage.
  10. For any damage class, you should get hero attack, but you won't really notice any drastic effect until you get a weapon with higher base damage for you to upgrade, at least when starting off. For speed, squire will definitely suffer, since you're pretty much guaranteed to be slow until you sink a sizeable amount of points into your hero speed.
  11. On one hand, people are saying that they'd rather have certain issues fixed. On the other hand, I would switch to first person in a heartbeat; huntress turning around due screen shaking, annoying left-/right-offset third person, and the character blocking my vision will all be solved with this. Shame it probably won't affect autoaim. Now to suggest to Trendy that the weapon be centered.
  12. Why not make separate content for both? one content update can focus on adding difficult stages that people should farm up for, while others will impose limits and restrictions (such as preset loadouts and stats, or another assault).
  13. Still not sure why they'd add that at all. It doesn't add anything, and all it serves to accomplish is putting in a little "You made it! Ohwaitno" feeling. I wouldn't mind so much if the game told you that you will be unable to swap in x seconds, but having it deny the last-second switch is just aggravating without adding anything meaningful.
  14. Congratulations! And that A-key was a horrible team player. D:
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