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  1. Thinking of getting a PS5 - does DDII work on it?
  2. Any news on the release of DDA to PlayStation?
  3. I primarily play on my PS4 (soon to be PS5 fingerscrossed) and I do also currently have a Switch What are the estimated/goal dates for release on other platforms.
  4. Same issue here - on PS4 how do you file a ticket?
  5. PS4 - I can log in but my husband can't Are there any known log in issues today? EDIT: All good now
  6. I know this question of mine isnt what everyone wants or cares about, but it would be nice to have some kind of info, even if it's a big fat no, but .... Do you have any info on when you guys might bring out the remaining 2 alt gender heros? Countess and the Hunter(especially Countess ^^) I've been waiting for them for a long time and it's been to a point now where i dont even know if you guys even still wanna do it or you just dropped it entirely or, idk anything. Be nice to have some kind of info on that regard. See if i can have some hope or have to make due with the heroes we got. I would
  7. This is really a lot of work when the sorting feature could just be adjusted :)
  8. And I personally feel that the reward was not worth the effort. A mask and 100K gold seemed insignificant to me.
  9. Downloaded the update and now I can’t play at all Restarted application - check Restarted PS4 - check
  10. Auto collect all gold - I hate when it gets stuck behind the doors and having to run around the map to pick it all up is a waste of time
  11. I guess we can wait the time it takes for the post to be typed. Though it is difficult in this day of instant gratification ;)
  12. I'm stuck at work and only caught bits and pieces of the Live Stream Can anyone summarize the bean spillage for me?
  13. It's been a while but rumors are that there will be an update or patch of some kind today. What would you like to see? (Keep it constructive)
  14. Here are a few map area ideas: American Old Wild West - Wolf enemies that use rattlesnakes as whips (Poison damage) Ocean/Beach - Shark enemies that throw Starfish Desert/Egypt - Nile Crocodile enemies with Sand storm powers Frozen Tundra - Polar Bear enemies with Ice swords I have more but will stop here. Thoughts??
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