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  1. http://i.imgur.com/ZHKI5vn.jpg i have 13 or 14 heroes at lvl 50 with ascension lvl 150. how am i suppose to do this 2 achievements?? it not a big deal but i want those 2 :)
  2. one of the most boring and op enemies. i have done it in nm4 power surge (4 rollers total). when first one came out it destroyed sub core in second (with range attack "wtf" !!to big range"he wasnt even halfway to core"!!) .So now you will see more and more sub cores destroyed. He is boring because he so slow and you have to wait until he come a little bit out of spawn so you can hit his back which is his weak spot + his range attack usually kills dps characters so hf dieing but at least you wont see people afking (except on maps on which he dont spawn) 
  3. if you have charge shot on hero sandstorm is better. it give you bonus magic dmg (same as tips 50%) + bonus normal dmg (75% i think) with speed buff (your gonna have hard time controlling your hero) but they last for few secons (4s i think) but i you have permanent shots tips are definitely better (have 20% less dmg but they last about 100% longer then sandstorm or even more) % of the bonus dmg scale with stage of pet evolved (tips on lvl 1 pet have 25% on lvl 2 50% and on lvl 3 the have 75% *am not sure if its right scaling)
  4. y but there is a limit of 12 bags. i would like to have some kind of storage.
  5. same here. i dont have any space left in my inventory (even with my 10 premium bags). storage would be nice especially for my madweak bag (full of madweak eggs rdy to be giveawayed).
  6. dud rly so boring afk for 20h straight! ogres should be at 70-100 and onslaught should be 30-50 not 250 and 100. Ability is fine for me: i would like this monthly wow why would you like to die 400x and lose 100x to the goblin? point of the game is to defend against them not to lose. yous stupid one (my opinion) nice one,but why so many times. your all /2,5 should be fine -> 20 Betsy 20 Harbinger and 40 maps some may have to be to hard to do it like: but i like your ideas :)
  7. DD1: 276 DD2: 451 dont have DDE couse i missed 2 dolar sail :( total: 727
  8. wow so hard to do dailys. like you dont login once per day to do this quests which are easy and take 30 min or less to complete. And if you dont like this mission you can reroll it once. The only thing why i see this game a little like pay to win is because bags.(i always lack of those even if i buy new one would always need 1 more 1 weak after)
  9. You don't have to do normal or hard but in that dificulty you can build even with a Hero Damage Huntress. So if you have the correct Gear you could build in NM4 too y but harder difficulty mean more dmg to your blocades. + you dont want to insta kill everyone with your water trap but it should take 3-4 time to hits them to kill -> less time walking + more hits = fater done monthly mission + you can afk meanwhile and you dont have to worry about losing
  10. best way to do monthly: go to herbringer free play medium or hard place 6 walls to defend engine spam water traps with dps hunters (less dmg is better (good to have some defance hp item)) near blocades use se-auras for slow (but remove weapon with se dmg pasive ) use frosts to slow down enemies (but dont have any buff gear on ) then afk till the end of your monthly (you should do it in 1-2h)
  11. a ok. thought it could only drop sword up to 750
  12. i recently found this item near the new released weapon. Everything is good but iwp is rate is a little over the 700 without upgrades.
  13. i have same problem i had 14 of them ,but new patch deleted them. [[64025,users]] what happens if you buy mote then 16 tickets (if that is possible ) and what happens if you dont use them until end??
  14. nice to way to farm gold but you should do that in herbringer map on 1 and 2 wave because he have 0 ways to destroy core except from cannon (so you need to destroy it first) then map can go forever
  15. i found 1 problem at the start: bug report takes to long to fill it for all the bugs you have found! mind if you build it to be linked to our DD forum (so you dont have to write email......) or even better to make it ingame feature (box with questions witch could be answered while playing maybe some option for adding picture.....) for me writing bug reports take to much time and sometimes i forget what i had to report + make some reply that you have seen what we have written (sometimes im skeptical )
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