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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=885592542 Check out my guide on Steam, maybe it will help. It provides general information applicable to any build. It does not spoil the game for you by telling you what towers to build so you can still have fun figuring it out. If you don't want to then the simple answers are: get around 80K HP, reduction like Sena said is useful, and setting up Kill Zones for Assassins is recommended. As for pets, Gato with Sparkle Party is good, Gato with Heal is good if you are going to rely on your turrets (make sure you have CC because the Assassins as you know will vanish often when not CCed resulting in them healing themselves and being able to silence again, Hoardragon with Fire Shield is what I personally use.
  2. I would just like to preface my criticism (which may sound a bit harsh to many) that Trendy has an excellent bunch of people who listen to their community. Evidence of this can be seen in their dev streams and the content of each patch and by how immediate they address big issues in the community. So, thank you Trendy for being the exceptional exception when it comes to Early Access games. First of all, as I have stated already in my own forum post, the Hero Deck system in its current state promotes solo play in both solo games and in multiplayer or co-op games at end game. I had more fun leveling my first character than playing end game because everyone had to work together and contribute rather than one person with all the useful classes switch through the Hero Deck to build for the entire group. I am completely against this system and can not understand how this facilitates the "embrace [of] the strengths of... teammates". It's like a logical thing. If one person has the capacity to do everything and do it well why does anyone else have to do anything? Secondly, Someone in this forum said that they strive for the point in end game where only one person can do everything while the rest can AFK. Now, I completely understand what he or she meant because this point is basically the Promised Land, this is when you know you are very geared and the hard work grind finally pays off. However, in DD2 you do not have to part the Red Sea to reach the Promised Land. It takes very minimal effort to get geared because sure enough you had this Solo Carry builder who just carried you through free loot. In turn, you will eventually do this for three others. It's a perpetuated ennui. Lastly, I'd like to address the effect the Hero Deck has on the Co-op community. It is no doubt great for you solos. I do not have anything against Solo play, but when you use the advantage (Hero Deck) that is seemingly for Solo play and leak it into Co-op play that is where the issue occurs. I am going to repeat this point; the way to beat a game as a Solo is the same way you beat the game in a Co-op. Having said that, how exactly does the Hero Deck benefit the Co-op scene in a cooperative way? How does it promote cooperation in multiplay? Players helping you upgrade your towers is not a result of the Hero Deck, that's just simple etiquette. Players defending your towers is not a result of the Hero Deck, it's a means to an end (winning the game). The elements that are in essence cooperative in the game at the moment will exist whether or not the Hero Deck is in place. Without it people will still upgrade towers for others and defend them if need be. So again, how exactly does the Hero Deck promote cooperation in a unique way? At the end of this post, I feel like I just reiterated many points I have already made but honestly judging by how some of the responses in this thread are still for the Hero Deck I can't help but reaffirm those points. I just hope this game becomes a challenging game that requires active cooperation to overcome not a gathering of four players in a game and call it multiplayer. TL;DR read what I wrote. It's important.
  3. One last thing I'd have to say is that through experience, I've played many 25++ games where people unanimously agree that one person should build whether it be because he has the best stats or everyone else just wants to afk. I honestly don't believe this is a matter anyone can argue against because it is happening in most games and this method is simpler; one person does everything while everyone else AFKs. If you want to run around DPSing that's great but to say that it is actually helpful I don't believe it. I have yet played a game where DPSers are active beyond the First Round to ensure that the sub 800dp/800ds builders' towers stay alive.
  4. Yea I would agree that this would probably solve itself when more content is released. I'm not suggesting Trendy limit the ways one could play this game nor am I mad, in fact I offered 2 solutions: 1 with respect to the solo gameplay (making co-op have more rewards) and another of course to remove the solo element. In fact, the system is actually limiting gameplay. Gutu, you mentioned that you provide a lot of impact as a DPSer but at the moment Towers do way more damage than a DPSer, so much so that a DPSer actually makes each round longer by standing there and preventing the Mobs from getting in range of Turret fire. I tried playing DPS but as I've noticed it really doesn't help much. The fact of the matter is, using Turrets is the most effective way to farm Loot quickly. Actually, I started this thread in hopes to expand more variety of gameplay through you know teamwork, eliminating Solo tower strats and "forcing" for a lack of a better word the game to require DPS to be used or whatever Teamplay element that exists. At the moment, teamplay is not required because one person can build auras for the entire group, build towers for the entire group, and build whatever else new with the release of new Heroes by himself. Three different characters to swap through on one player will allow for enough setups to where the other 3 players don't have to do anything. At the end of the day, I suppose time will tell. I don't want this to be a flame thread so I'll just let it discontinue.
  5. Disclaimer: I know this is pre-alpha but this dicussion can help when presented sooner rather than later. The issue of being able to solo in coop games has existed for I don't know how long, decades probably, and it always produces two results: appreciation from the solo type people and a stagnant type of gameplay for the multiplayer. A typical game starts off with 1 person dropping towers as Apprentice or Squire, then switching to Monk for Boost Auras, finally switching to Hero of choice for specific loot drops. For the rest of the map, everyone just gets green gems and upgrades that one person's towers. I feel myself spending more time on the forums than in the actual game as a result, looking to engage myself in more thought-provoking activities. If DD2 is inclined to be a Co-op game first and foremost, the deck system should remove the ability of players to freely switch between different characters instead to only allow the ability to switch between Preset Equipment Sets and Talent Specs. This would probably cause a severe backlash from the solo community but I mean I bought this game expecting it to be a genuine Co-op game as did at least 50% of the other players. An alternative solution would be to greatly reduce or hard cap the Item Power of item drops to like 100-110 when soloing. This would grant players the solo experience they want as well as incentivizing Co-op gameplay. Of course, there would still need to be some type of force or system that makes it necessary for Everyone to participate in a meaningful way during Co-op. TL;DR The current Hero Deck System allows an AFKable environment where only one person needs to do anything for the group to win. Please change or implement some measures that prevent 1 person from doing everything in Solo games and Co-op games.
  6. For those who don't want to read, the OP is basically suggesting an alternative way of grinding for End Game Gear which is allowing the players to grind certain Monsters for certain Materials that give Certain Stats. He suggests two methods for the material drops, either killing specific Monsters i.e. normal Ogres or killing monsters in specific Wave Frames (wave 30-45). As for the stats themselves, they will have a limit on how many and much stats you can put onto an item similar to the limit we have now which dictates how much you can increase primary mods by. I like the idea, I've always prefered working towards something visibly over working towards something invisibly. My only concern is most development teams that migrate from Invisible grinding to Visible grinding is they throw in some super arbitrarily high amount of materials required to get 1 stat increase essentially making Visible grinding just as boring. I don't really mind grinding much but I would suggest this instead. Make every challenge or map at End Game to be extremely difficult (not the current state of difficult because it is AFKABLE) but extremely rewarding. Emphasis on the Extreme Difficulty because what I'm suggesting guarantees a customizable item or a token that can be used to trade for specific items.
  7. play button is above options on the left hand side. if you don't see it, screen shot the main menu with F12 and post it in bugs section.
  8. So glad someone understands that there are very few PvE coops now. The last real PvE coops were Warcraft 3 Custom Map Tower Defenses lol. PvP is nice and all (LoL, Hon, etc.) but having too many of one genre gets pretty boring. If they market DD2 more I'm sure they'll get a large enough player base to self-sustain for new projects since this is one of the very few if not only fun coop game atm.
  9. someone told me life steal doesnt stack and i kinda noticed that it doesn't. i might be wrong dont really want to put the effort into checking but yea with enough dps you can leech back what dmg you take. i just like having more resists to prepare eventually for harder bosses.
  10. I really like this idea. I think it'd be great for the Apprentice's Blockade to be reworked like this since it works better in terms of theme. Redirecting x% of the dmg taken from any turrets in the vicinity to the blockade is just a great idea.
  11. Tank Dps Squire is viable yes but the thread is about Blockades (the building). They are as the OP put it the most useless thing ever. I like the OP suggestions. I also would recommend that the return damage activates upon getting hit instead of how it functions now (get hit, store the dmg, then return it when the barricade melee attacks). The issue the current function has is any Ranged unit kills it immediately. You can argue that, that's why there are towers but at the game's current state you could completely ignore placing any type of barricade between the turrets and the enemy. Alternatively, you could replace Barricades with Spike traps that reduce movement speed on hit. If Trendy decides to continue down this path I would suggest removing the Blockade and the Dummies and replace them with Armor that the Squire can attach on to players and himself for DMG/DMG Procs/Armor/Mresist/HP/Regen gains or Thorn Damage, .Aura Dmg (like Holy Fire Diablo 2), etc. However, the biggest change one could imploy to make blockades useful is to make sure that turrets get hit. What I mean by this is scaling the difficulty higher, making mobs harder to kill, shortening the range on turrets so they actually skirmish with the oncoming waves. At the current state, Range + Dmg > everything. Though its fun to stat up to that point where you can annihilate everything, one soon realizes many of the featuers in the game are unnecessary (blockades and hero builds).
  12. Good amount of resists if you plan on actually melee 1v1ing the Boss Ogre at 25++ maps is about 1.8 - 2k phys res and 15-20% Life leech. If you wanna tank the Dragons, you need 500 Mresist and 15-20% Life Leech. As for the regular Ogres, I'm not too sure but anything around 1k should be fine for them with life leech of course.
  13. I'm enjoying this game a lot even though all I see at 25++ is 1 person building and Boost Auras. I would like to try a few games with 4 Hero Build characters and 0 Towers (healing auras are probably the only defenses that would be allowed). If you have a player build and would actually like to try it out, let me know here or add me on steam Devenir, icon is a ?.
  14. I've noticed that there are boss mechanics in this game which kinda implies that this element will be explored further. Is there any chance that there will be a Smash Tvesque map where players get to choose between 2-3 rooms as they succeed to meet many different types/styles of bosses? I feel like this would give Hero Builds an opportunity to shine, you know, through Boss heavy maps. This type of map would also dissuade Tower Builds because players are moving from room to room each successive Round. Though you could use Towers, they would just have to be auto-refunded for X amount after each encounter.
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