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  1. I haven't played it a lot but i remember DD1 to be more of a challange Witch i liked, also being able to unlock the hero skins by doing hard challanges and feeling proud for completing the challange and had a skin to prove it to other players. Also the pets felt more alive, unique and fun than what they are now in DD2. Barbarian!!!
  2. I have no problem with hitting the cap for a new hero, Defender medals are not that hard to get if you do the daily quests. I think i hit the cap with 3-4 weeks doing only the daily quests. Seems fair to me.
  3. Does anybody know why the golden ingot is not spawning after every match? Is that a bug, is it chance or does something trigger the spawn? I did 10 succesfull runs yesterday and the ingot din't spawn every time.
  4. I owned the red riding hood skin for the huntress, a wanted to wear in again but i don't have it anymore. Does somebody know how i could get it back? I reported this like 2 -3 months ago but din't get a repley back. So i'm not sure now who to contact for this. I miss my tail ;(
  5. Few months ago there was a vote for the loot upgrading system. The one that won was that it would be more like diablo III, that we can change passives and reroll some numbers on items and that good stuff. Is this still something that will get into the game. Because i also voted for that option and it would love to have an blacksmith npc where we could do that stuff.
  6. I also thought a lot about the tree costing du whitch i don't realy like but i came up with this. The dryads defences can work without the tree and the tree is an ability the dryad can use. The tree will heal nearby heroes and repair defences while rooting enimies. the tree itself doesn't has health but is there for like 10 second and had a 1 min cooldown. Thats quite a upgrade i thought later so a came up with a downside. So the defences can function without a tree but while they are defening they will get corrupt only not with the buffs like when a corrupt dryad is nearby. No, they are dra
  7. the game will get belanced out at some point but not anytime soon.
  8. They changed it a few weeks ago from the 3x Medals for the weekend to new daily missions every 8 hours. However this weekend we are only getting the 2 initial 8 hourly dailies, then waiting 12 hours for the next ones. So we used to get a lot more missions to do over the weekend but sadly the weekend before a new hero comes out, we are getting less dailies. That sounds just like something that trendy would do :( I'm just over 11.000 medals now for the dryad so i should be fine on tuesday but that realy sucks for people who have not enough medals because of this on tuesday. We should prepare f
  9. I thought it was bugged or something. I'm also not getting the 3x defender medals in the weekend anymore and have a lot more daily quests. I like it this way.
  10. whats your AA? Nefhith Yep Forest Preacher is now 800 DU (many maps are 800 DU now), and frankly the damage is just not enough with how Geysers work these days. Also making builds with no AA is bad imho, as it means you cannot really play as melee. Frost towers can deal with most of the air units. also the chaos traps can kill air unit when they are low enough. the rest can be killed with the harpoons if there are any left.
  11. chaos trap, boost aura, SA, frost tower, Walls, harpoons. Thats what i would use.
  12. Defeat 1000 special enemies doesn't complete in my achievements and i have 650 hours in this game. Some achievements are buged for some people.
  13. I haven't found any lockboxes for the mystic, is that not in game yet or is it bugged for me?
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