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  1. Yes, they teased a lava-based skin for the abyss lord during the devstream. Can you link me the time on their youtube video i watched it sometimes and didnt see it
  2. Is there an abyss skin planned for released if so was there a tease of it?
  3. How are people having obscene amounts of dmg on skytowers and 2shotting betsy like wat..
  4. So basicly you're saying if i fill my inventory with something or good items you're saying i can not have more bag space unless i buy with IRL money...
  5. http://puu.sh/hCuPD/21624d33bb.jpg
  6. What skill slots should i get. Was thinking full tower dmg
  7. This really bothered me, so i decided to post it :P
  8. Can we have scrolling through bags faster its very slow to scroll from 1 to the 5th bag with all bag visible and i hate using the bar and drag it just to check something
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