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  1. Loot does have better stats, it makes it a lot easier to farm block-aid gear on squire. But all the other class are harder to find (all) the right pieces. How am I suppose to get a (vect., tripmine, defense crit chance, defense power, defense health/defense Crit damage) on all my gear, when I can get like 12 other stats that could easily ruin the perfect gear?

  2. Perhaps the huntress could get a Dps spec.

    My Ideas:

    - A X% chance to double shot could be nice.

    - aoe (or a piercing shot) dmg on charged shots (x% of weapon attack is applied)?

    - apply a cool debuff like a (slow, burning, heal allies, or something like a occasional shot that knock down/or back an enemy).

    These are my ideas. :)

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