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  1. Dragonfall Carnival Update Released

    @SheepPuma quote:

    Hey, the new update is awesome, but i think there should be a daily reward system to get gems for free. Something along the lines of log in 7 days straight and get coins for the 1st 5 days, then 200-400 gems over the last 2 days. It'd be a good way to encourage people to get on the game and get rewards for it.

    I like that idea, but instead of logging on everyday. They could give a *prize for using all 5 daily exp/drop bonus on maps. That way, they can get us to play the game rather than logging on ;).

    *The prize could be something we could exchange for gem related rewards?

    In response to SheepPuma

  2. Hotfix 9.1 for Steam

    There is a bug for the app, where all his charged shots can go through enemy spawns.

    The boss's health can be shot at by charged shots at certain angles, causing the boss to get hurt from them.

    You can kill the boss on the build phase, if you have the time.

  3. Scavenger, Nightmare, and Beyond!

    When I was rotating my pets (so my main building class can have the better pet), the better pet for some reason dispersed and when I checked the scavenger to see if it somehow got there, and it appeared then vanished and I never found the pet....

    REST IN PEACE, 33/45 purpeller cat.

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