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  1. Thanks, edited it to reflect the latest patch notes. One problem down, all the others to go! Good job TrendyEnt
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think consoles have a F1 key.
  3. an issue with allowing an item box to be manipulated during rounds as people would be able to constantly switch weapons. That would be very cool, no doubt, as I could grab my Crystal Tracker to clear out the trash and switch to my Skull Bone once an Ogre arrives, I don't see why that should be an issue, it sounds good to me. Being able to choose weapons for different tasks allows a more dynamic playstye. As for it being easier, if it did have a significant impact on the game, monsters could easily be balanced accordingly.
  4. Anyone suggesting further threads to link would be appreciated.
  5. OR... make it so the aura effect doesn't stack and completely remove the restriction, the only benefit of stacking them then is being able to place them more accurately. Bump for this.
  6. You DON'T need to hammer E picking up loot. As a matter of fact that's ninja looting. Whatever doesn't get picked get's auto-sold. As for less clutter, I've recently made a thread with a suggestion similar to your's, but it sunk. I probably wasn't the first to suggest it either. Sorry, but you are absolutely wrong here. Firstly: if you play solo, there is no way you can consider this to be ninja looting. Secondly: even if you play with other people, there is a limit as to how many items can be on the floor at once before they start despawning and are simply lost without compensation. Yes, th
  7. Dungeon defenders is progressing at an impressive rate. However, while there is a lot of new content being added, old/core content is not being polished effectively. GUI problem:The GUI needs more customisation options. The minimap is ineffective in displaying monster spawn locations (wyverns), monster pathing, defense size, and durability of defenses. GUI Solution: Add more customisation options for the GUI. A host of improvements for the minimap would be welcome. Displaying wyvern spawn points would be a start, but really monster paths could easily be added too, at least before the first wa
  8. The new hotkeys recently added (drop mana and start wave) have stopped working. All other hotkeys work fine. Any ideas? Edit: yes I have tried config...
  9. OT yeah they have some problems balancing but it most definitely doesn't make the game unplayable.. I don't think people feel the game is unplayable. I think they feel cheated when they spend ages to get an item, and ages to improve it, only to have its power significantly reduced. Whether it is actually balanced now or not is not the issue, the point is people had a shiny doom ray which they enjoyed using, now they feel like their doom ray is just a regular ol' death ray. However you look at it, people lose out. Overall the game perhaps improves (especially PvP), but really the game is pret
  10. Or reduce damage of enemy projectiles the longer they travel, or just cap their distance.
  11. you should consider giving people whose items you've nerfed a refund for the item/upgrades. i pumped several million into a van wolfenstein earlier today just to have it turned pointles now. Your signature says you are using a trap spec huntress. There's your problem.
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