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  1. Ok thx for the PTR guys. Phil this is my feedback you can check whole progression on twitch channel name: czmax667 I did hard campaign - with speed transition to insane - then nightmare and then i skipped the grind towards Massacre that was the end of stream. here are the points: 1 After reach 60 NM is not unlocked - and it does not say why - i suppose its because you nood to complete summit insane (YES you still have to do Summit) The message in map selection for NM and Massacre - should be "Nightmare / Massacre difficulty unlocks after beating the summit on Insa
  2. STEAM ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197989713373/
  3. Phil and Andrew I just really want to say keep up the pace you started now that is all we need. Give us EP2 - give us what you promised deliver - get our feedback - we are more then happy to test all of this for you - then release it to production Keep the tempo you now started with updates, communication, feedback collection, dev stream focused only on whats coming and discussion with us. if you keep doing what you doing now DDA can be great game.
  4. Tzhx guys. Take masteries from DD2 as a challenge - it is done already just move it to DDA - best mode ever:)
  5. Well I dont see a point why you get pissed about that. Attack speed was pretty much hard capped whole time except last patch which totally removed it. And people just got used to it. Also I think when they said that it is now compensated to dmg. If it is compensated then its ok. You still have very fast ticking auras, long lasting all stunning gas traps for 20 seconds. 85 percent slow ensnares. DSTs firing pretty much same speed on massacre. Only thing I noticed is when you boost it with apprentice or its visible on magic missile tower or flamebursts. We have many new builds no
  6. I am big fan of these nerfs. Noobs cannot easy climb anymore. Good JOB. New meta will begin and people need to be creative now.
  7. If you want endless mode go play DD2:) Its called Onslaught.
  8. Go to discord and find people to join you.
  9. well if you cheated you dont belong here. You should think twice next time before cheating.
  10. I do not share your opinion I would not say this game is easy let me try to explain why: DDA was easy always until Nightmare and then harder when transition to Massacre. Now there are lot of people giving advices and builds public which you can just copy or implement, there are guides and youtube videos. So I would not say the game is easier - its just you can find most of information you need to progress. Then there are people who are getting carried - which I do not consider the fault of easiness of the game - just lazy people in general who does that. Rifted mode be
  11. dont worry they cannot damage crystal anyway they are no threat.
  12. The Problems. 1. The upgrade targetting is realy bad. If you have multiple defenses on the same place like auras the upgrade order is usualy Buff beam > STR drain > Electricity aura > Barricades > any other kind of dmg tower/trap > CC towers/traps/auras/beams. The problem is that it's realy hard to target the correct tower if you have them on each other. It was a bit of a problem with the old system but it was atleast easier to target the auras with how there was an icon for each aura above the towers. It need some practice but I have never had a problem to target defe
  13. Still valid todaaay even its one year old you can check
  14. The main benefit of rifted mode is that you can get through maps faster - and there are much better drops - like significantly better. The difference in loot is something like this: Non rifted - there is a chance that you will get 4 times out of 5 shit drops for pets or last waves armor and accessories - like literally unusable gear. Perfect example is farming pet rock in Ancient mines or pet in Alch laboratory. Rifted - the minimum value is much higher - so the chance to get unusable gear is much smaller - makes farming and progressing much faster - and also more enjoyable and
  15. DST receives +100% not 50. You have a mistake there. Also what are you boosting with +10 and +10 when you have no fused electric aura - your setup does not make much sense. The reason behind is that fused boosted electric aura with ensnare and str drain melts everything. 10 percent + dmg is nothing when electric aura does + 100%. I tried gas trap, i tried ensnare. I agree ensnare is really good too. but it just does not do dmg and added value is not so much big. same +10 from gas. Also you are doing actually 2x the same thing - fused gas trap has almost same effect as ens
  16. For the endgame I would recommend swap ensnare for electric in hybrid. So my hybrid monk is booster, dps and electric fused aura in one piece. You dont need fused ensnare aura cause str drain or darkness removes the resistances anyway except sirens. So if you build with that knowledge or dps poison sirens you are fine. Well you need fused towers for RIFT you should start getting basic sets from campaign or waves 15. You should be able to do act 1 without fusion and get the rest of sets from campaign. Also you should focus DST fused as first - it makes huge difference, second I w
  17. The max rifted armor you can get is 80 - fused wall + overclock. It makes the wall truly hard to break with STR drain aura now. Still Rifted ogre does massive dmg so even more then 80 percent reduction cannot stand long. The normal armor does count too - as you can try build non rifted walls with overclock and rifted ogre does not one shot it anymore. So combining these two together + STR drain aura - is the key to stop ogres. Well you would need to measure this carefully and count the dmg from ogre then you see if its + or *. You can test it by yourself with trying different c
  18. Hi guys, Here we go I said on discord that I would like to see speedruns here on every map we can it should be always - MASSACRE, HC, RIFTED. I was very - very very impressed by almost perfect run I witnessed by my favourite streamer TD Anthem - This man made hardest map in game including boss in 8:31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G47jvdLtheQ&lc=Ugy2TtzN_d6nCN97ypV4AaABAg.9Hlb-MdaHE-9Hlh_atM0PD&ab_channel=AnthemTD Then other guy posted on discord he did Throne room: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/793238077791404082/793238141456744458/20201228224754_1.jpg
  19. Its quaranteed on survival 15 and 25 wave. It is not quaranteed on campaign map.
  20. here are my points: 1. Yeah as I said the point is not a difficulty for me. It bring more variety of builds - and that is something I was waiting for so long and DDA is lacking - there is a meta build which everyone is using and no space to experiment - now you gave us great opportunity to experiment - but cut it off like that. 2. Well I hope that will happen. I dont think people will communicate like that. People in DDA mostly do not communicate about builds - and if there will be someone with 2 fused towers - why would they bother? Its the same question can you build? YES i can. No
  21. Sure I did not say that i am struggling - i am veteran player so this is not an issue for me. But I really want to combine different and new builds. For example i found great way to do Magus Quarters without DSTs and with fuse its much more fun. It brings more variability cause your towers which were useless - can now do +130% dmg if combined with auras and traps. My objection is mainly - why you introduce new gear to game and then LIMIT ITS USAGE. It just does not make any sense whatsoever - it punishes strictly solo players - as you have to have hero in deck active. Which
  22. I am big fan of DDA, rift update is quite good - it definitely needs more love to be good mod but good beginning. Now why on earth did you do this to solo players??? "Fusion armor set bonuses are channeled only to heroes that are actively equipped to your hero deck, providing you the ability to use up to four Fusion towers at any given time. " I hope next patch you will make it that we can use our fusions for all our characters. I like playing solo - why should I be punished for that - that i can have only 3 rifted towers in one time? Yes 3, cause you need a DPS hero on mos
  23. I would call it anti AFK farming. You just must stay active in RIFT more - cause of assassins and sirens. I suppose you mean AFK farmfest which was there before massacre. It became boring so fast. I think the game is in good balance now for not AFKing builds.
  24. Well the question would be for what exactly do you need the trilion of ingame money? There is no new content, no new items - all of those trillionaires did all the content and have probably high end gear. So on what you will spend the money/??
  25. Well I am not sure if I am noob or something here, but I play whole time solo. First i need to complete every map solo and then i will join groups for XP and to get some farm. I play DD franchise for many many years and I do not think that massacre either campaign or survival is easy. It was very challenging for me mainly Summit on campaign before 1.1 and also now survival to beat Demon lord is not piece of cake man. Not after nerf. Look at the playerbase - I think like 80 percent are below Massacre difficulty and most of hosted games are Alchemy labs or Royal Gardens. So clearly you
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