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  1. I think its good there is safe mechanism to get 10/10 at all. Even its 288. Just imagine there is non;) Or there is second option - go get 43 milion gold to buy 10 tenancity.
  2. Hi man flamethrower is pure shit. You can use it for fun - not for progression. REad this.
  3. I think reroll is very comfortable already as it is. To loose map takes you like 20s. You want too much comfort man:)
  4. Thanks for input - you can put it to my topic so we keep it updated. 1. Yes it is EU server problem Chromatic knows. 2. Ok I tried only under 200 - as my highest floor is 213. That is really interesting. Have you tried in the night like 1AM? Try it please it should not lag as much. 3. Yes only lost temple does that no other map. Also it increases with number of players in your party and on server online.
  5. Hi man here is the topic i made on this. There are ways around it.
  6. Well this is good way in first like 10 resets - after that you can instantly join onslaught chaos 6 or chaos 7 is 28 floor and above and just get C7 gear and relics dropped for free. You dont have to spend any materials there and save it. Another question is for what you would save right?:) Well some materials are pretty rare and in high demand for a lot of money. And for a lot of money you can buy game changing modes like tenancity 10.
  7. Here is the rest again in case you missed it. So the AP will be significant milestone in game and it will motivate you to do more resets. - Make resets more valuable and rewarding My point was now it does not matter if you are AP 100 the added value is almost 0.
  8. I cannot agree more with most of the points you made guys. This game really needs a more effort to feel real challenge (not like impossible now). - I would add - raise the level of ancient power from 5 points to 20 at least. So the AP will be significant milestone in game and it will motivate you to do more resets. - Make resets more valuable and rewarding - Make progression in Onslaught more rewarding - still there is no difference in doing floor 85 and 685 - why? Why there are no special items or bonuses for people who spend so much time in this game progressing. My suggestion is to give extra permanent bonus once you reach certain milestone. Something like beating floor 100 - will grant your defenses permanently do 5% more dmg to bosses. Floor 500 - your defenses penetrates all shields. Floor 600 - your defenses fires 10% faster. And so on. I have to admit i reached floor 220 - i reached AP 26 and honestly i got bored now. I mean game is awesome still - but just repeateble with no visible rewards. No motivation to climb higher or do more resets - why? Motivate me please to achieve TRUE ENDGAME. - I completely agree with buttons added - like we had in DD1 - that was huge fun and huge challenge and it will bring massive new energy to the maps. Also it should really feel rewarding like a challenge. - Challenges can be something like - you cannot die - basically yes Mastery 2.0 - implemented in buttons - with high rewards - extra gold, extra medals, extra loot, extra levels. Looking forward to see this game having true endgame and smoothly transit to DD3 (DDA)
  9. Hi man, sure you can get tenancity 10 i would say in 3 different ways: 1.st buy it for 40 - 50 Milion gold from players on discord forum. 2nd Farm the pristine or any other tokens - You need exactly 286 you can check it here on juicebags´s video. https://youtu.be/FD_pg6xIKS0 3rd option - is extreme luck that it will drop for you - there are players who get 7 of them in one month of playing - its just RNG jesus loves them as i play many hundreds of hours and have zero drops. Yes exactly it helps against most of effects - one exception is frost orcs aura. There are probably other exceptions but this one is most visible. Well define a lot:) I have 2500 and still saving them. You need them for rerolls of mods - so just keep them until end game where you have all desired mods on 10. Good luck and welcome back
  10. If you want go on discord - ask for help and we can help you to learn correct placement - which is usually the problem. Or PM me through discord and i can check your build.
  11. Yeah i agree, we all needed to get our losses on this map to get wins. I remember for me this was huge deal on floor 209. It took me 3 hours to get through this map. Well the same comes to omega waves in Lost temple - you just need to fail and learn fail and learn many times to discover what is working. Good luck im sure you will overcome this.
  12. there is a mod which totally counters DA if you need. Otherwise they are easily stunned by a any of those defenses (rated from most effective in my opinion): 1. Manufacturer with shock revelation 2. Earthshaker tower with toss 3. Gaysers 4. Canons with stun fire 5. water + storm combo on any defense There are also many other ways: 1. get barbarian and turtle stance totally counters them 2. Get your Hp as high as you can and they stop attacking you after a while 3. Skyguard towers attacks them too There is one exception which is harder to deal - that is headstrong assasin - this is harder but duable with enough hp. Hope this helps.
  13. I am pretty sure you did a mistake - you tinkered c7. As that costs 25 medals - and your terminology used (25 crystals) says to me you have not enough knowledge of a game. Therefore there is a high chance you did that mistake. Now only solution is do an AP reset back to campaign and upgrade it from scratch to C8. Or just climb to C7 - and tinker it to best medailon you can find and you will have it. It will get to 100 percent. You just need a lot of materials and money to do that. Its not that hard to do - before your first reset - watch please youtube - when to do first AP reset by Mr Juicebags.
  14. Well my question to new player would be have you tried - google - DD2 how to kill drakenlord? I mean - i meet a lot of new players - what they usually have in common is - the lack of information and put effort to find it and want to get carried as fast as possible - and on first struggle they QUIT:) Just 2 days ago i was willing to help a guy to climb onslaught 32, after i join he basically told me he got carried until that point and never even tried to build defense. After i told him some basics and if he can build - he said he cannot take this anymore and left and also blocked me on discord:) very nice experience This attitude says a lot about maturity of players in real life and how they face challenges - just quit. On the other side i meet a lot of newbies - who are willing to take help and struggle and the succeed. Thanks for this guys - you will be successful in life too i am sure:) So my answer to your question is this: We have discord, twitch, forum, youtube, wiki - massive amount of info is there, many tutorials by mr juicebags on all aspects of a game. So dear new player - use your mouse and keyboard and your head and you will learn in few hours everything.
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