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  1. Hand is working correcly you just dont know how its working. So stay on your barricade and let is fall under 70% and you will see magic happens:] It repairs according to pet power - so my pet has 10 600 pet power meaning it will repair for free 10 600 hp per 3 seconds;] does not work on auras and traps. Still OP
  2. Well you probably do my friend:]] i got one on 21 try. wtf 350 do you have farming bot or something? Dont tell me you got the nerves to sit 350 hours on same map:]
  3. Yeah the build is within core. So when you build next to core and just press G this is how long waves lasts. I am not sure if killing the creeps faster does shorten the respawn time of next monsters, probably yes. Did not tested it yet. But if you can make it in 35 minutes that is huge. Thats like 25% faster. I will try build with traps next to spawn for insta kills. Lets see where I can go with time. You can post your times like end time only whoever goes under 34 minutes is gooood:))) Who is for challenge?
  4. Hi there are many topics on this topic so i just put it together and through OBS recording calculated each wave time. That does not include gaps between respawn times which are ridiculous in first 8 waves. So here are the times how long does a wave last (minutes:seconds): 1. 1:34 2. 1:35 3. 1:00 3. 2:10 4. 2:00 5. 2:30 6. 2:00 7. 2:40 8. 3:10 9. 3:20 10. 3:32 11. 3:45 12. 4:00 13. 4:30 14. 4:50 So with a perfect timing you rock will be ready in 44:38. I farmed this like 20x and got 3 purple rocks with decent stats - 0 legendaries still. Which makes it less then 5%. Good luck CURRENT RECORD: 32:17 Can you beat it?:)
  5. You have to learn to build correctly barrcides, if you want to be sure build them in a way that your character cannot pass through it in any way - that is only 100 percent way.
  6. Good job man thanks for the stats:] Keep testing and track the stats i will be curious about after patch results. Thanks once again
  7. Ah ok thx did not know that:] so you have to farm like everyone else:]]
  8. No stats are the same but if you play with 3 friends who will grind for you they can give you best pet they found so lets say it makes your chances 3x higher. Or if you have 4 steam accounts and 4 pcs go on:]
  9. Man thats all you need:] having fun And if you have to ask me to have fun again? Yes I already have and having fun playing.
  10. I see your point and normally you would be right. But there is one big BUT. Man you need to realize that we just started this is early access. I think we should be happy we have new game and new gear and new stuff to farm. There are tons of people posting their best gear like guys who got so lucky and get 130+ stat pet rocks etc. Its super fun to grind and boosting stats - every point matters. Not for the content but its like competition. And soon we have here Nightmare which should be tough so lets see. Loot is taken from DD2/DD1 so based on power and stats generated. We do not know if CG will introduce also higher grades then legendary maybe they will. - Wheres the huge ass weapons or the tiny ones? We have plenty of interesting weapons already. - Wheres the random firing rate for bows/guns? (They are all set by default) There is random firing rate man cmon did you play the game?:) - Wheres the random huge stats on low tier gear?? Why would low tier should have random high stat? High stats = high gear = higher item power - Wheres the FUN and we don't give a shit feel of how crazy stuff is at? I think people are having a lot of fun just read forum and watch twitch. You have to really realize that game was just released few weeks ago, everything is new and nice. Yes it has some flaws, but honestly CG is patching heavily since the day 1 and they do great job in listening to people and community. So enjoy the game and be positive:) and patient everything will come in time.
  11. I saw 1.51 and i think it can go way up, its just quessing but based on other pets i suppose it can go up to 1.99? I did not tested it yet.
  12. Its a visual bug. Collect it and check it in bag, it has normal stats.
  13. Well nice one but still its like prettty shitty rock - i think they need to upgrade a giraffe a lot to make any benefit from it - it should have higher caps than rock like 300 at least or give it a shit ton of upgrades like 200+. Otherwise i see no motivation to collect it. You got nice one here. But still weak for late survival.
  14. I think its good there is safe mechanism to get 10/10 at all. Even its 288. Just imagine there is non;) Or there is second option - go get 43 milion gold to buy 10 tenancity.
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