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  1. In DD1 summoner defense units had a seperate pool and their units were seperate from a maps du limit, having a limit of their own. I would like to see this comeback, as it is one of the features that made summoner who they are. Right now summoner is a lackluster character totally not worth the medals or diamonds to obtain. The archers are infinitely slower than possible in DD1, as such they are not viable in any defense currently, especially not for their du cost. Their walls can get pretty high hp but they cost more than barricades and its not like their dps is worth anything when you are not
  2. The issue is DU costs compared with usefullness. You might find frosty tower helpful for slowing orcs in c2, but wouldnt another tower or 2 lighting aura traps be far more useful? If you want to hit 2 enemies with frosty your going to lose like 70% of its range. The only time i would even consider a frosty is if i have spare du, and id only use it to freeze assassins off of me so skyguards can kill them. Earth Shatter Tower does do a lot of damage, but so does a lightning aura. Ones significantly cheaper. Its not like you can make the tower specifically target large orcs or bosses. With a dp
  3. Its not an jssue if complaining about how others play. Its about balance which this game lacks. Dryad is too good. People eho dont have dryad are going to have a harder time unless they have access to other good heroes to make up for it. As some one who has base heroes + ev and summoner i regret choosing summoner or ev over dryad. Right now I would be able to progress significantly faster if I had chose dryad. It wouldnt be an issue if we didnt have hard counters on projectile towers, and traps. It would be even less of an issue if we could play any map we wanted. It has been a trend with DD2
  4. After returning to the game after a long hiatus i see we now have chaos trials and nightmare is a thing of the past. Along with this change comes with random map pools forcing us to play limited maps on each chaos difficulty. As such gameplay is becoming stale as you are forced to use specific layouts to be successful. Its very likely that none of the maps are the ones you would prefer to play where you can excel with the characters you have access too. Especially with enemies that negate toweres or traps all together. As some one whos progressed from chaos 1 to 4 over the last couple days
  5. Almost all the starter heroes are different than they used to be in some way. Often losing out on a key tower that made them very good. I miss squires bouncer blockades and slice and dice tower. I miss wizards magic missile tower and deadly striker tower. I miss all of monks auras. Cant forget huntress gas trap and ethereal spikes trap. What about EV's physical beam for walls and shock beam. Then we lost warrior, mage, and spider minions from summoner, along with his rts birds eye view mechanic, and his ability to hover. (The mage heal would be amazing right now...) I dont feel that every he
  6. If your defenses make up more than 50% of the DU cost people should not be allowed to kick you. I am starting to see a poor trend in 25+++ hard incursions where I join a map and the players give me the mana to build, then after building the map I get kicked. It is really frustrating to essentially give leechers a perfect set up only to be kicked and be excluded from the rewards on a map you built.
  7. I was wondering what stats are important for a tower monk. I was thinking defense power, speed, or hp and thought power is probably unnecessary as Sky Towers and Electric Aura's are already really strong with some attack speed and a buff aura. Then I thought that leaves HP and Speed. I have been going for speed mostly ATM but wondering what some of the long term console players think.
  8. What stats should a monk be focusing on in PS4 version? I was thinking defense attack rate but some gear already has attack rate increase for say lightning aura's so i was then thinking maybe focusing on defense power. Range doesn't seem to be a problem, and I don't think hp is an issue either.
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